Police Arrests/Citations


According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Nov. 22

Brandon Russell, 25, Columbus, disorderly conduct by intoxication, disorderly conduct by physical harm.

William R. Gregg, 28, at large, criminal trespass.

Joe A. Hidy, 84, 500 N. Glenn Ave., stop sign violation.

Deborah L. Lee, 61, 3898 South Court, speed 40/25.

Denise A. Whaley, 62, Greenfield, expired registration.

Nov. 21

Shannon N. Kingsolver, 38, Jeffersonville, no operator’s license, expired registration.

Billy I. Berry, 77, 611 Willabar Drive, speed.

Candy A. McNeal, 49, 204 Eyman Park Drive, assault.

Melissa Tackett, 49, at large, bench warrant – failure to appear, possession of dangerous drugs (first-degree misdemeanor), possession of drug paraphernalia (fourth-degree misdemeanor), possession of marijuana paraphernalia (minor misdemeanor).

Nov. 20

Zane A. Brown, 24, 1025 Briar Ave., no operator’s license.

Cheronda J. Bellar, 19, 94 Jamison Road, Lot 1, underage consumption.

Steven A. Walker, Jr., 19, 734 John St., underage consumption.

Sarah H. Daniels, 56, 1006 Delaware St., bench warrant – failure to comply, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Nov. 19

Drew S. Doggett, 27, 914 E. Market St., Apt. C, vehicle trespass, vehicle trespass, disorderly by intoxication (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Joseph C. Pope, 83, 591 Tiara Way, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Justin R. Ashworth, 28, Chillicothe, speed.

Heather L. Ackley, 28, Frankfort, speed.

Frank A. Henize, 42, 823 Lakeview Ave., Montgomery County warrant, domestic violence.

Female, 8, Washington C.H., assault.