AAA offers ‘fall back’ driving tips as daylight saving time ends


Daylight saving time ends this weekend, and as we turn back the clocks, drivers can be presented with additional challenges. AAA East Central recommends motorists and pedestrians make changes in their daily habits and be aware of the potential dangers that come as a result of the time change.

“While the extra hour of sleep may be nice, an earlier sunset can be deadly for pedestrians,” said Theresa Podguski, director of legislative affairs at AAA East Central. “Motorists should be especially alert on their drive home to avoid deadly crashes with bicyclists, joggers, and walkers.”

AAA East Central offers this advice to motorists:

– Always watch out for pedestrians when backing up in parking lots or driveways. Turn on your headlights so you can see and your vehicle can be seen.

– Leave more distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. Morning sun glare can block your vision. Use sunglasses and your sun visor.

– Be mindful of children and others who are outdoors in the afternoon and evening as it gets dark earlier.

– Remember to yield the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks. Do not pass vehicles stopped at crosswalks.

– Pay attention and eliminate all distractions including cell phones and car clocks that need to be adjusted to the time change.

AAA East Central also offers this advice for pedestrians:

– Cross only at intersections or crosswalks. Look left, right and left again and only cross when it is clear. Do not jaywalk or cross between parked cars.

– Evaluate the distance and speed of oncoming traffic before you step out into the street.

– Avoid walking in traffic where there are no sidewalks or crosswalks. If you have to walk on a road that does not have sidewalks, walk facing traffic.

– See and be seen. Carry a flashlight and wear reflective clothing and/or accessories.

– While walking, pocket the cell phone and avoid listening to headphones at a volume that prohibits you from hearing approaching danger.

AAA East Central is a not-for-profit association with 80 local offices in Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia serving 2.7 million members. News releases are available at Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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