My attitude determines everything


I get on a roll in my fitness classes. What I like about being an instructor is offering perspective to anybody who is willing to hear it. Often, my class members hear what I have to say whether or not they are willing to listen or not. I am sure some of them tune it out, but usually, I can get something to resonate with them.

On an ordinary Thursday evening we were going through calisthenics that we repeat every class. Not everybody was showing a great enthusiasm to be there that night. I was seeing a lot of mopiness and this is one of my pet peeves. I understand that we are tired from work days and give a lot of energy throughout the day, but going through the motions will not cut it with anything in our life, and that is not something that I want to keep encouraged.

“Do you know what MADE is?” I asked the class. There were blank faces. Nobody knew what I was talking about. I told them “My Attitude Determines Everything.”

Attitude is something that we throw out there but don’t really discuss. One thing a person should know is that attitude is not your mood. We usually say “(He/She) has an attitude!”, and all of a sudden ‘attitude’ becomes a bad thing to have. I say no.

Honesty, resolve, imagination, sincerity, authenticity. These are aspects of our attitude. Those are real. Those are raw. It’s definitely not your mood swings, which a lot of people may joke about, but, unless a person has really given up on themselves, we usually keep to what we think is the right attitude… no matter our mood.

Expressing your voice is one way to reflect your attitude (in a healthy dialogue). Over time we grow more comfortable with it.

For me, a lot of people may say that I am positive, but I’m just being myself. It’s really not positive or negative. I am positive around others because uplifting people and seeing them glow energizes me and feeds my soul, and I have an awareness on the effects of how being kind can be on somebody. That’s why I try at it. It makes everything around you incredibly more alive. I do go through times of negative thoughts and fears but a commitment to my attitude brings me back to focus.

I can have a good voice from this. I can have the right attitude. It has nothing to do with reputation or what people say about me when I am not around. Really, talking down on anyone or anything just brings us all down. I get that we must vent our frustrations at times, but also we must resolve them. That is what ‘MADE’ is.

What can you get out of this? Hopefully you rediscover or think about your own values. How true do you stay to those? Are you doing your best?

No. Okay then. Be better!

Yes. Then good. Keep on going!

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.

By Trey Tompkins

Contributing Columnist

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