Getting Ahead: ‘Programming the human mind’


Education is the difference between a civilized and a pagan society. Education is the knowledge that is taught to us by others and life experiences, or influences, we encounter. A civilized society is prosperous and productive.

Through education people learn to clear land and plant crops, to build and develop raw materials into goods that advance the further development of a successful society.

Education also teaches us the formulas and discovery of the past. History repeats itself and every leader of a successful society studies the victories and failures of the past, not only from their past but the past of others.

These are the things I was taught in grade school and they are still accurate today; however, there is a greater truth that every successful society must practice. That practice is binding together in unity and harmony. In order to do that people must have the ability to believe something with all of their heart yet allow others to believe what they will. That dynamic is called choice. People must be allowed to choose and be rewarded, or allowed to suffer for those choices. Truth cannot be changed and just declaring it so does not make it truth. People will perish because of a lack of knowledge. That means that there will be destruction of people and their society because they have not been taught the truth.

Is it possible that our minds are being programmed with everything but the basic truths that will enable us to make the right choices? Have these things hindered us from the ability to have a right relationship with those who do not see things as we do? If someone believes a lie, do you believe that they will suffer the consequences for their choice? Has not truth won out for the entire history of mankind? Do you know the source of that truth?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist