FCSO Arrests/Citations


According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 1

Patrice Waddell, 24, Columbus, failure to appear.

Daniel Mitchell, 39, Sabina, failure to appear.

Donald Curtis, 76, Washington C.H., turn signal violation.

Deanna Cooper, 38, Jeffersonville, disorderly conduct.

Scott Hand, 33, Jeffersonville, disorderly conduct.

July 30

Michelle Bunyard, 36, Jeffersonville, aggravated possession of drugs.

Jesse Guthrie-Walters, 19, Washington C.H., harassment by inmate.

July 29

Kristin Everhart, 32, Leesburg, making false alarms.

Jason Kimball, 44, disorderly conduct by intoxication.

Joel Cruz, 21, Washington C.H., expired tags, failure to control, no operator’s license.

July 28

Ronnie Brill Jr., 44, Washington C.H., failure to comply with orders of police, tampering with evidence, speed, license forfeiture, stop sign violation, left of center.

Hubert Green, 41, New Holland, probation violation, failure to appear (two counts), domestic violence.

July 27

Jeremy Rheinscheld, 43, Mt. Sterling, menacing.

Rebecca Hall, 26, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs.

David Everhart, 46, Washington C.H., aggravated menacing.

Jennifer Lyons, 35, Washington C.H., probation violation.

William Gregg, 27, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Shawn Yoakum, 26, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Anthony Adkins, 40, Jeffersonville, engaging in corrupt activity, trafficking in cocaine (13 counts), possession of cocaine (13 counts).

Michael Eddlemon, 56, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs.

Dereck Meddock, 34, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs (two counts).

Tesa Axline, 38, South Solon, aggravated possession of drugs (two counts).

Rebecca Ewing, 70, Grantville, failure to yield.

Mark Cotner, 39, Murfreesboro, OVI per se, resisting arrest, obstructing official business, seat belt violation, slow speed/impeding traffic.

Johnny Ward, 65, Bloomingburg, failure to control.

July 26

Michael Leisure, 38, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Joe Teagardner, 42, New Holland, failure to control.

Tysawna Frazer, 22, Wilberforce, driving under suspension, stop sign violation.

July 25

Daniel Ruth, 34, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Denise Bishop-Orso, 41, Washington C.H., check fraud.

Brad Howard, 41, Bloomingburg, speed.

July 23

James Lee, 54, Westerville, improper lane change.

July 22

Dustin Burr, 21, Bloomingburg, failure to control.

Katherine Ross, 25, Jeffersonville, receiving stolen property (two counts).

Adam Wall, 36, Jeffersonville, expired tags.

Jason Perry, 40, Washington C.H., violation of a protection order.

Montey Shelton, 54, Grove City, failure to control.

Michael Newsome, 47, Washington C.H., failure to appear, aggravated possession of drugs, probation violation, theft.

July 20

Charles Cotton, 40, Columbus, driving under suspension.

Courtney Williams, 21, Apopka, Fla, disobeying traffic control device.

July 19

Rebel Brooks, 57, Columbus, forgery (four counts), theft.

Danielle Camp, 27, Washington C.H., disorderly by intoxication.

July 18

William Moore, 46, Washington C.H., assault.

Tyler Stone, 29, Washington C.H., theft.

Kenneth Matthews, 45, Washington C.H., possession of cocaine.

John Bowles, 34, Jeffersonville, speed.

Charlene Stevenson, 43, Leesburg, speed.

July 17

Brian Mulligan, 60, Bartlett, Texas, turning in roadway.

Michelle Woolridge, 40, Leesburg, failure to appear.

Jesse Knisley, 37, Sabina, obstruction of justice.

Michelle Stevens, 29, London, probation violation.

Ryan Mcllure, 24, Jeffersonville, domestic violence.

Daniel Speakman, 23, New Holland, probation violation.

July 15

Cody Bowen, 33, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

July 14

Kenneth Klontz, 19, Washington C.H., failure to control.

Shawn Yoakum, 23, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Meredith Lance, 26, Fairborn, failure to control.

July 12

Danielle Brown, 23, Washington C.H., aggravated trafficking in drugs, aggravated possession of drugs.

Tanner Onesko, 25, Washington C.H., speed.

July 11

Shayne Detweiler, 30, Washington C.H., failed to appear for arraignment.

Michael Eddlemon, 55, Greenfield, violation of a protection order (two counts).

Michael Queen, 21, Jeffersonville, failure to appear, domestic violence.

Devon Young, 37, Greenfield, OVI per se, no operator’s license, failure to control.

July 10

Pariya Mekrueng, 34, Mt. Sterling, speed.

Nisheeth Pandey, 33, Columbus, speed.

Patricia Burlile, 55, Washington C.H., littering.

Pamela Hammons, 53, Hillsboro, probation violation.

Nathan Haines, 37, Greenfield, failure to appear.

Bradley Carr, 36, Washington C.H., protection order violation.

July 9

Michelle Woolridge, 49, Leesburg, illegal conveyance of drugs into facility, aggravated possession of drugs, obstructing official business.

Whitteny Tucker, 32, Columbus, failure to control.

July 8

Robert Goudy, 49, Washington C.H., domestic violence (two counts).

Kerri Sholler, 26, Washington C.H., failure to control.

July 7

Joshua Parks, 25, Blanchester, reasonable control.

Nathan Benkert, 33, Troy, reasonable control.

July 6

Preston Helsel, 28, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Bradley Hatfield, 31, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Jonathan Harris, 36, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Shannon Davis, 43, Gallipolis, driving under suspension.

Douglas Simonson, 52, Mount Orab, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

July 5

Parker Huffman, 26, Washington C.H., theft, commit theft.

Joanna Hochstuhl, 20, Leesburg, speed.

Jesse Johnson, 31, Mt. Sterling, failure to appear.

July 4

Dustin Carrico, 29, Sabina, probation violation.

Amber Morris, 33, Bloomingburg, failure to yield.

Jerry Stewart, 39, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs, possession of drugs.

Cody Fadley, 39, Washington C.H., assault.

July 3

Dawn Dixon, 43, Galloway, OVI.

Todd Aills, 43, Washington C.H., theft.

Jeffery Forsythe, 31, Washington C.H., inducing panic.

Male, 16, Greenfield, failure to yield.

July 2

Cory Little, 33, Washington C.H., failure to control.

July 1

Oliver Massie, 54, Washington C.H., failure to control.

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