What makes me feel awesome


Gratitude is simply a great attitude. I sit down every so often and write down things that really make me feel good to keep my thoughts sharpened. Recently, I read over the top four things that make me feel awesome.

The first is losing track of time. I like the moments in which we sit around and have no sense of what time it is or even how much time has passed by. There is no guilt, shame, or even a place to be. Whatever it is that we’re doing just floats on by, and in these situations, we grow the most.

The second thing that makes me feel great is laughing with friends. It is so great to loosen up. I went out one weekend with friends to eat pizza and hang out. We know each other enough to crack jokes on each other without causing harm. There is hardly any gossip and mostly we share stories about each other from out past, while at the same time creating new, healthy ones.

This third trait goes well with the second. That is being able to express authentic feelings and perspectives with friends. This is treasurable because it is so hard to find. Many people are willing to laugh, but too often at the expense of another’s feelings. This stops us from sharing real thoughts and enduring moments. When we express ourselves with clarity it opens up to solutions that give us resolve.

Fourth and final are the moments after a workout that bring sensations of bliss. It really doesn’t have to be done with exercise. It also happens with yardwork or a project that you completed to fulfillment. But for me, a good workout brings a radiance of warmth that allows the body to rejuvenate.

It’s simple to loathe in our worries and distress. We like to make them difficult, but really, all we need to do is leave them and reflect on our joy. When this happens our negative energy dissolves and we feel something much greater within us. I welcome you to find this. It changes the world you live in, and thus, the lifestyle we all share!

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.


By Trey Tompkins

Contributing Columnist