National Men’s Health Week: June 11-17


A special awareness period recognized by Congress, next week is Men’s Health Week – the annual awareness period solely dedicated to education and activities on the health and wellness of men and boys.

Men’s Health Month isn’t just for men, it’s for all the people who care about them. According to the Men’s Health Network, women are 100 percent more likely than men to visit the doctor for annual exams and preventative services. One in two men are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, compared to one in three women.

There are three simple steps recommended by the Men’s Health Network to have the basis of a healthy life:

1. Eat Healthy – Start with small steps, like saying no to super-sizing your meal and saying yes to a healthy breakfast. Eat a variety of food and strive to have at least one fruit and one vegetable at every meal.

2. Get Moving – Play with your kids or grandkids. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do yard work. Play a sport. Keep walking shoes handy and take advantage of work breaks. Choosing activities you enjoy will help you stay motivated.

3. Make Prevention a Priority – Many health conditions can be detected early with regular checkups from your healthcare provider. Regular screenings may include blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and prostate health.

The leading cause of death in men, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), is heart disease, cancer and accidents. While we are certainly here when you need us in the case of an accident, we encourage you to experience Fayette County Memorial Hospital (FCMH) for regular and preventative care. Whether you need a family doctor or a specialist, you can find all of that and more at FCMH. The right care. Right here where you live.

To see a full list of providers and services, visit or call 740-333-1210.

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