Restaurant Inspections


The Fayette County Health Department completed the following inspections, according to reports:


Our Place Restaurant, 827 E. Market Street. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: All violations have been corrected.


Wendy’s, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Knife holder needs cleaned of debris to avoid contamination, handwash sink had no proper paper towels – corrected during inspection.

Subway 35/71, 12484 S.R. 35 NW. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Handles of scoops need to be up out of food to avoid contact with hands, handles were seen in chicken, turkey and beef, mops were observed being stored on the floor, mops must be air dried, hung up off of the floor.


Frisch’s of Washington C.H., 1830 Columbus Ave. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Mashed potatoes were measured at 110 degrees, chili and veggie soup was measured at 120 degrees, sausage patties on buffet line at 110 degrees, several hot holding units were holding these foods under 135 degrees, all these food items were discarded, time temperature controlled foods held hot must be held at 135 degrees or above to limit growth of pathogens, cantaloupe was measured at 44 degrees, lettuce was measured at 50 degrees, these items were disposed of, time temp controlled food held cold must be held at 41 degrees to limit growth of pathogens, also cheese slices at 50 degrees, these areas were noted as being in a state of being more then a daily accumulation of dirt, grime and food stuff and in need of cleaning: door to walk in cooler, receiving end of dishwasher, wall at soda holding containers and floor underneath, several wiping cloths were observed lying on counters, store wiping cloths in a sanitizing solution when not in use, plates and cup were being stored in the up position, these items must be inverted to avoid contamination, glassware was observed being stored on a towel, towels are not smooth and easily cleanable.

AUG. 1

Frisch’s, 1830 Columbus Ave. Followup inspection. Violations/comments: All temps are now in compliance.

T.J. Maxx, 8540 Factory Shops BLVD. Prelicensing inspection. Violations/comments: Operation satisfactory.

AUG. 4

Fayette County Memorial Hospital, 1430 Columbus Ave. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: These areas need cleaned of accumulated dust and food grime: True Cooler, under cutting board and beverage air fan guards, this limits growth of pathogens.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 342 W. Court St. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Floor of walk-in cooler needs cleaned of debris from chicken storage, lids covering hot hold foods are in disrepair and are no longer smooth and easily cleanable, they need replaced, floor rear exit door floods when there are periods of rain, food service operations are expected to remain dry during inclement weather.

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