Ohio attractions strengthen tourism industry


Summer is the season of traveling. From long holiday weekends to much-anticipated family vacations, being out of school and vacation days to burn make it easier for families to plan special trips. While states like Florida and California tend to be beacons of desirable destinations, Ohio itself boasts a booming tourism industry as well. When planning your next family vacation, I encourage you to consider staying within the state to discover everything it has to offer.

Ohio is one of a kind—from local wineries to historical landmarks to amusement parks, there is always something unique to do. Our tourism industry is a huge economic driver for the state, and it’s important to promote its features not only across state lines, but to residents as well. Even when you’ve lived in the state your entire life, there are so many regional treasures to uncover.

I was happy to learn that 2016 was the seventh consecutive year of sustained growth within Ohio’s tourism industry, generating an estimated $43 billion in sales, a 20-percent increase in the last five years. During the last year, there were 212 million tourist visits to and within Ohio, up 5 million from 2015! On top of these impressive statistics, tourism is crucial to job growth and sustainability, with approximately 427,000 jobs related to the industry.

Tourism is not only a way to generate nationwide significance and invite people and businesses to invest in Ohio, but it is also an important sector of Ohio’s job market. I’m proud to have seen Ohio grow in this way over the past several years. I’ve always known that Ohio is a special place, and it is good to see others recognizing its amazing landscapes, fun-filled attractions, and interesting local amenities. Whether you’re heading down to the terrain of Hocking Hills or up to Cedar Point and the shores of Lake Erie, Ohio is an incredible place to spend undivided time with your friends, family, and loved ones.


By Cliff Rosenberger

Guest Columnist

Cliff Rosenberger is the Ohio House Speaker.

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