FCMH Foundation donates $35K for renovations


The Fayette County Memorial Hospital (FCMH) Emergency Room (ER) waiting room and registration area are scheduled to be renovated thanks to fundraising efforts by the FCMH Foundation.

The foundation donated over $35,000 to the renovations, according to hospital officials.

These renovations will begin taking place July 18 and will last until approximately July 28. This will temporarily change the main entrance. During this time, patients and families will be directed to the entrance by the canopy ramp and all life squads will enter by the side door.

After these changes are made, the ER main entrance will be reopened. The noticeable changes will be an updated and more private registration area, a modern updated color scheme, new flooring and more, with additional changes to the patient care areas coming in the future.

“We know the front door to our organization is at the emergency room entrance. We recognize that the cosmetic improvements are needed to match the wonderful health care that we provide 24/7. FCMH is thankful for the foundation and all of the hard work put into raising funds to begin this ER renovation, phase by phase, to have an updated, modern, easier to access ER registration area and waiting room” said Mike Diener, FCMH CEO.

Roger Kirkpatrick, FCMH Foundation president, said, “This is just one of the several phases that the ER will start to see improvements. While the FCMH Foundation is working on a grander project, we wanted to go ahead and make small improvements now where we can. This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the individual sponsors, small and large organizations that donate, and our various fundraisers, including the upcoming Great Gatsby Gala.”

To make a donation to the FCMH Foundation’s continuing fundraising efforts, please call the foundation office at 740-333-2710 or visit www.fcmh.org/foundation.

Forging the future of Fayette County Memorial Hospital by increasing awareness of needs and raising funds is the mission of the FCMH Foundation.

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