Commissioners approve OVRDC funds


The Fayette County Commissioners adopted a resolution recently appropriating participating local funds for the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission (OVRDC).

The commission is a public regional planning commission within Ohio that’s purpose is to influence favorably the future economic, physical and social development of the 20-county region through its planning programs and technical assistance. In the resolution, the commissioners said they actively support and currently participate in the economic development district activities of the OVRDC.

“The group we are with is based out of Waverly and most of it is made up of Appalachian Regional Counties,” commissioner Dan Dean said. “We are the only one in OVRDC who are not, but it helps us get economic development association loans. For instance that money helped put water into the ethanol plant.”

For many years, Dean said that commissioner Jack DeWeese has been appointed to the organization and DeWeese now serves as vice chairman. Dean said the OVRDC has also assisted with other projects, including road plans, and it’s very helpful to the county.

The commissioners unanimously approved $5,162 as participating local funds to be used as part of the agency’s budget for 2018.

During the meeting the commissioners also approved two contracts.

The first of these was between the Fayette County Department of Job and Family Services and Workforce Services Unlimited Inc. Per the request of Job and Family Services Director Faye Williamson, the commissioners approved the contract for comprehensive case management to eligible youth, 16-24 years-old, under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program.

“We have received that grant for the past couple of summers and through that program they will hire summer youth to do projects,” Dean said. “They will start to learn what it means to work, punch in a clock and work for a paycheck. It is a good program.”

The second contract was with Axis Civil Construction, from Columbus, for the Washington Waterloo Road bridge replacement. The replacement will cost $185,436.05.

“Mr. Luebbe, the engineer, replaces so many bridges per year, especially the ones that are starting to deteriorate a little bit and that one was the next one on the schedule,” Dean said. “It is the one just past the Old Springfield Road area. We don’t have to worry about these kind of projects as much because Steve Luebbe does such a good job and takes care of everything. It is just one less thing that the commissioners have to consider.”

Finally, two other resolutions were adopted unanimously.

The first authorized the Fayette County Auditor to receive dog license fees for 2018 in accordance with Ohio House Bill 59 and subsequent payment to OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. The licenses will be $14 per dog for one-year licenses, $42 per dog for three-year licenses and $140 per dog for permanent dog licenses. Additionally they approved a $70 kennel fee.

The second was a resolution authorizing the Fayette County Commission on Aging to make application on behalf of the county to the Central Ohio Area Agency for funds. These include $93,119 authorized under Title III/SCSBG and $25,269 authorized under Title III/NSIP.

By Martin Graham

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