Three construction firms interested in building Fayette County Jail


Three qualified construction firms are interested in doing the design and construction work of a new county jail.

Fayette County received three qualification proposals from firms interested in the project. According to documents from the Fayette County Commissioners’ office, interested parties had until June 16 at 4 p.m. to submit their professional qualifications to the county.

The three firms that submitted their qualification proposals are Shremshock Architects & Engineers in New Albany, DLZ Architecture, Inc., in Columbus, and Poggemeyer Design Group in Hilliard.

During the regularly scheduled commissioners’ meeting June 19, commissioner Jack DeWeese moved and Tony Anderson seconded to accept all three qualification proposals for review. The selection of the firm to do the project will be determined at a later date but could be determined by the end of July. All three commissioners approved the motion.

Fayette County officials have decided to move forward with the construction of a new county jail to replace the current jail which is more than 150 years old. The current jail has inadequate space to address the county’s needs, according to officials, and is a health hazard to those who work and remain incarcerated there.

Commissioner Dan Dean said the commissioners are working with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office to review the qualifications of the three firms. The county will look at previous projects the firms have completed and will look closely at firms that have constructed other jails in the the past.

Dean said he expects officials will come together July 24 for the regular commissioner meeting to discuss the firms and talk about which firm the county would like to pick at that time.

“We wanted architects to send us their qualifications. We will select one of those architects, and we will also confer with the sheriff, and then that firm will help us draft a design for a new jail and will also update a feasibility study to make sure we design a jail that will last us 30 years or more. It will have room for some growth,” said Dean. “And then that firm will design one the sheriff and the county and the judges will all agree on. We will try to include as many officials as we can.”

Dean said the process is not going to be quick.

“Once we pick an architect it’s going to take the better part of this year to do the feasibility study and then hopefully start on the jail design in that same time period,” said Dean.

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Decision could be made by end of July

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