FCSO Arrests/Citations


According to reports, the following individuals were arrested or cited by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

June 19

Dylan Stevenson, 32, Greenfield, failure to control, OVI, non-compliance suspension.

Jesse Knisley, 35, Sabina, failure to appear, two counts of probation violation.

June 18

Donald Carson III, 38, Galloway, following too closely, possession of drugs.

June 17

Julee Ball, 23, Leesburg, failure to control.

Bret Henry, 48, Jeffersonville, endangering children.

Dorothy Depew,28, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Mary Griffith, 27, Blanchester, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

June 16

Derek Hottinger, 28, Washington C.H., two counts of child endangering.

Rubie Hottinger, 28, Washington C.H., two counts of child endangering.

Jesse Bentley, 37, Louisville, Ky., failure to comply.

Larry Williams Jr., 18, Jeffersonville, two counts of domestic violence, disruption of public service.

Brandon Parsley, 22, Jeffersonville, failure to yield.

Ralph Hays, 56, McArthur, failure to drive in marked lanes.

June 13

David Mills Jr., 33, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Dakota Current, 19, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Daniel Ruth, 33, Washington C.H., two counts of non-support of dependents.

June 12

Keith Mitchell, 31, Columbus, failed to appear for arraignment, three counts of failed to appear.

Anthony Blanton, 32, Bloomingburg, probation violation.

Kelsey Carson, 24, Bloomingburg, failure to control.

Sue Stewart, 52, Commercial Point, marked lanes violation, seat belt violation.

June 11

Kristin Kovach, 32, Jeffersonville, domestic violence.

Joshua Worth, 39, Washington C.H., OVI, OVI refusal, seat belt violation, improper display, yield when turning left violation.

Justin Mayer, 36, Urbana, speed.

June 10

Charlotte Featherston, 44, at large, carrying concealed weapon, disorderly conduct by intoxication.

Allyn Miller, 44, Columbus, speed.

Mark Ingles, 25, Greenfield, non-compliance suspension, failure to control.

June 9

David Quay, 49, Urbana, speed.

Tiffany Rutherford, 24, Jeffersonville, speed.

Randy Wright, 48, Bainbridge, OVI, failure to control.

June 8

Sheila Speakman, 48, New Holland, two counts of failure to control.

Joshua Calhoun, 28, Washington C.H., vandalism.

Adrian Rose, 45, Bloomingburg, marked lanes violation.

June 7

Brian Tedrick, 45, New Vienna, two counts of inducing panic, two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with minor, 27 counts of corrupting another with drugs, 16 counts of compelling prostitution.

Mark Ingles, 25, Greenfield, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, non-compliance suspension.

Austin Grubb, 20, Greenfield, two counts of theft.

William Hughest, 29, Washington C.H., failure to control.

June 6

Larry Williams, 18, Jeffersonville, criminal damaging.

Bobbi Jo Williams, 36, Jeffersonville, theft.

Larry Steven Williams, 36, Jeffersonville, theft.

Donnie Wright, 48, Washington C.H., unlawful sexual conduct with minor.

Natasha Howland, 29, New Holland, probation.

June 5

Trent Ater, 21, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Harpreet Sandhu, 27, Bakersfield, Calif., failure to control.

June 4

Robert Anderson, 39, Fayette, Miss., no OLN.

Male, 11, Jeffersonville, criminal damaging.

Michael Leisure, 36, Washington C.H., disorderly by intoxication.

June 3

Dakota Jackson, 23, Greenfield, failure to control.

Katherine Frederick, 29, Washington C.H., assault.

Karissa Cowdery, 23, Washington C.H., OVI, child endangering.

Rogil Cineus, 40, Pompano Beach, Fla., improper turn.

Douglas Robinson, 60, Bloomingburg, domestic by threat.

Keith Flemister, 24, Orient, failure to control, driving under suspension.

June 2

Stephen Wilson, 28, Washington C.H. three counts of failure to appear.

David Mckee, 31, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Lawrence Hixon, 74, Eaton, failure to yield.

Johnna Wade, 33, Washington C.H., failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Kandi Jenkins, 38, Washington C.H., obstructing official business, possession of drug abuse instruments.

June 1

Jordan Fraley, 25, Washington C.H., two counts of probation violation.

Elaine Drake, 50, Washington C.H., failure to appear for hearing.

Mitchell Creamer, 18, Washington C.H., speed.

Richard Cunningham, 50, Washington C.H., violation of a protection order.

Adrienne Hubert, 24, Dayton, failure to control.

Patrick Brown, 52, Greenfield, speed.

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