WCH resident convicted after overdose


Ashley D. Stubbs appeared in court Monday after she was charged for aggravated possession of drugs during an overdose in January.

The 32-year-old Washington Court House resident was arraigned on the fifth-degree felony charge in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.

Stubbs admitted that she had been in possession of fentanyl and hypodermic needles. By pleading guilty to aggravated possession of drugs, Stubbs was sentenced to serve two years of community control under the supervision of the Fayette County Adult Probation. Stubbs could possibly face a one-year prison sentence for not completing the terms of the probation.

The Washington C.H. Police Department was called to a house in the 700 block of East Market Street in reference to a drug overdose. Stubbs was found non-responsive on the floor. The EMS responders administered one shot of Narcan to Stubbs to reverse the drug overdose.

According to police reports, there was a black pocket book laying on top of Stubbs when emergency personnel arrived. Inside the black pocket book, there were two hypodermic needles, a spoon that contained a cotton ball and residue, a brown string to be used as a tourniquet, and a brown hard substance in a plastic wrapper that field tested positive for fentanyl.

Stubbs was revived with the shot of Narcan and then transported to the Fayette County Memorial Hospital for further treatment. According to the incident reports on file, Stubbs was cleared by the medical staff at the hospital and then transported to the Fayette County Jail.

At the jail, Stubbs was charged with drug paraphernalia, drug abuse instruments, and possession of drugs, and then was released with a notice of her court date and time.

The sentencing order filed Monday also directs Stubbs to pay the cost of prosecution in the case, but may work off the payment by performing not more than 40 hours of community service per week.


By Ashley Bunton

[email protected]

Ashley may be contacted by phone at (740) 313-0355 or by searching Twitter.com for @ashbunton

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