Man charged with trafficking meth


Following the reported drug overdose of a Robinson Road resident Monday morning, police were able to gather information to track down the man who allegedly sold the drugs to the overdose victim.

At approximately 9:20 a.m. Monday, Washington C.H. Police Department officers responded to the Robinson Road trailer park on a report of an overdose. The man who overdosed survived and told officers that the drugs he ingested were purchased from William D. Campbell, according to reports.

Police also received information that Campbell, 47, was staying at the City Motel, 1524 Washington Ave. in Washington C.H.

Because Campbell was on probation, the probation department was contacted concerning the incident. Probation officers, with the assistance of police, checked the City Motel room where Campbell was staying, reports said.

Upon entering the room, probation officers located various drugs and drug paraphernalia items. Officers asked Campbell about the drugs and he allegedly said it was all methamphetamine.

As the search continued, an unmarked bottle of pills was located with no imprints. These tablets will be submitted to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation for further testing, police said.

Rock-like substances located in a silver vial and a film canister both field-tested positive for meth, according to reports. A frozen baggie containing a crystal-like substance also field-tested positive for meth.

Inside the vial, the rock-like substance was found inside of a folded yellow piece of paper – the same type of paper an officer found at the earlier overdose.

Campbell was charged with trafficking in drugs, a felony of the third degree, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia and probation violation. He is being held in the Fayette County Jail.

Police track down suspected trafficker at City Motel

By Ryan Carter

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