WCH man sent to jail for stealing wallet at hospital


A man who walked into the hospital barefoot and stole a wallet appeared in court Wednesday.

Blaine Bailey, 28, of Washington Court House, plead guilty to the theft in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.

By pleading guilty to the fifth-degree felony, Bailey was ordered to serve 30 days in the Fayette County Jail and to be supervised for one year by the Fayette County Adult Probation Office.

According to reports, Bailey walked into the Fayette County Memorial Hospital barefoot and sweaty May 22, 2015.

He approached two people in a room whom later said that they had gone to high school with him. The two people who were in the hospital room asked Bailey why he wasn’t wearing shoes and what was wrong with him.

Bailey reportedly sat down on the floor beside the air conditioner and replied that he never wore shoes and that his aunt was mad at him.

The two people in the hospital room said that Bailey then jumped up and opened one of their purses and looked through it. Bailey removed a wallet from the purse and ran out of the room.

One of the two people put on shoes and chased after him but was unable to catch up with him. The person reported that he left the hospital parking lot in his red truck.

The wallet contained credit and debit cards, according to reports.

The court found that Bailey had already served 10 days on the charge and the jail time was reduced accordingly.

Bailey could face a one-year prison sentence for violating the terms of the sentencing order or probation.


By Ashley Bunton

[email protected]

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