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The state of Ohio and its southwestern region in particular have so much potential for growth and development. We continue to see companies and people invest in our state, putting down roots and contributing to our future. Being from southwestern Ohio, the region has always been important to me during my time as your state representative, and I am excited to congratulate Leesburg Industrial Park on its recent SiteOhio designation, making Highland County truly open for business!

In 2016, JobsOhio launched the SiteOhio program in collaboration with the Ohio Development Services Agency, a new site-authentication program that prepares an inventory of ready-to-go sites in Ohio for companies to move into. SiteOhio evaluates eligible project sites around Ohio and authenticates them if their attributes prove to allow a business to immediately invest with little risk. Thus far, only seven sites in Ohio have been given SiteOhio verification, and Leesburg Industrial Park is the latest to be added to the list.

SiteOhio is different from other similar programs; it ensures that a particular site’s characteristics will work together to provide interested companies with the best location to match their needs. A SiteOhio designation guarantees the following: the elimination of any obstacles, like trees or other natural barriers; an inspection has been performed to reveal archaeological or endangered species issues; and access to and availability of utilities has been confirmed. These steps are often taken by companies upon their interest in a location, but a SiteOhio authentication alerts companies of locations that are ready for development.

Leesburg Industrial Park has many features that make it attractive to companies for investment, and the SiteOhio program makes it easier for those companies to recognize its availability and use value. First, the park is conveniently located, with close proximity to Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton. Considering that, within 45 miles of its location, the park boasts a regional labor force of over 700,000. Finally, Leesburg Industrial Park is construction ready with all utilities available within the park boundaries, including water, sewer, electric, natural gas, and fiber.

This SiteOhio designation will be a boon to the community within and around Highland County. Leesburg Industrial Park will now be made more obtainable and attractive to potential investors, increasing its potential to become the future home of a new business. The area is already well-developed for the manufacturing, shipping, and transportation industries, among others, and this sets the area up for more growth. Such an expansion will bring a wealth of jobs to a low-income community that is in need of such opportunity. I am proud to say that Highland County is open for business, and I look forward to seeing the revitalization of Leesburg Industrial Park.


By Cliff Rosenberger

Contributing Columnist

Cliff Rosenberger is the Ohio House Speaker.

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