Police Arrests/Citations


According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

May 18

Vickey G. Sena, 45, 923 Forest St., disorderly by intoxication.

Jennie D. Wissert, 1115 Commons Drive, OVI, expired registration.

Amy J. Pepper, 42, 1117 S. Elm St., domestic violence threats.

Travis L. Ivey, 32, 179 Joanne Drive Apt. 16B, failure to yield.

David Cooper, 56, 1110 Campbell St., inducing panic.

Dustin L. Blevins, 26, 4015 Main St. Southeast, failure to comply – bench warrant.

May 17

Charles E. Peterman, 25, 914 E. Market St. Apt. D, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Natasha B. Howland, 29, 333 Clemens Road, New Holland, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Thomas B. Waltman, 31, Chillicothe, no operator’s license.

Travis Tait, 36, Circleville, no operator’s license.

Brandi D. Harlan, 753 Linden Ave., theft, theft.

Travis Tait, 36, Circleville, possession of heroin, possession of drug abuse instruments, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to signal.

Ty Brannon, 40, 512 Eastern Ave., parole holder, domestic violence warrant – Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, possession of dangerous drugs.

N. Mary Hamilton, 65, 850 Linden Ave., failure to yield.

Lindsey M. Whitehead, 834 Aspen Drive, speed 50/25.

Kristin L. Olley, 891 Riverbirch Drive, speed 40/25.

Austin R. Marcum, 7687 White Oak Road, Bloomingburg, speed 40/25.

Stella J. Aills, 714 Leesburg Ave., speed 40/25.

May 16

John F. Binder, 39, Chillicothe, failure to yield at stop sign.

Male, 12, Washington C.H. unruly.

Donald Z. Carson, 38, 1809 Columbus Ave. Room 203, bench warrant – failure to appear, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Mindy S. Edwards, 640 S. Fayette St., no operator’s license (first-degree misdemeanor).

Cody A. Goldsberry, 19, 830 Washington Ave., breaking and entering.

Male, 16, Washington C.H., breaking and entering.

Wayne H. Copas, 44, 907 E. Paint St., no operator’s license.

Amanda D. Saltz, 37, 626 Eastern Ave., bench warrant – failure to appear.

Christopher M. Tracy, 22, 926 Millwood Ave., bench warrant – failure to comply.

May 15

Kala R. Newman, 34, Leesburg, speed.

Kenneth T. Leisure, 25, 1026 Cedar St., disorderly by intoxication (fourth-degree misdemeanor), domestic by threats.

May 14

Christopher A. Boren, 27, 1065 Lewis St., bench warrant – failure to comply.

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