Ex-employee admits to taking cash, merchandise from store


A Washington Court House resident admitted she “displayed inappropriate behavior” at work when she took cash from her employer to pay her own bills.

Tifani M. Leisure will serve 10 days in the Fayette County Jail for theft, a felony of the fifth degree. The 23-year-old appeared on the charge Monday in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.

According to reports, Leisure was an employee at Wilson Leather Outlet in Jeffersonville during which time she took store deposits and merchandise totaling $1,287.34.

Corporate took notice of the missing store deposits and started an internal investigation with district management.

Leisure gave a voluntary statement to the store manager Nov. 11, 2016. In the written statement Leisure wrote, “I have displayed inappropriate behavior at work,” and went to explain that she took the cash deposits from the store Aug. 27, 2016 to pay her own personal bills.

“The deposits were used for bills and financial difficulties. I have had trouble with city taxes, rent to my old home I currently do not live in now, and other bills in the household,” wrote Leisure.

Leisure also admitted to violating store policies. She wrote that she wore store merchandise by removing tags from a coat, wearing the coat outside, and then bringing the coat back inside the store. Leisure also said that she once had her boyfriend come to the store to help with shipping.

After she admitted to the facts of the case Monday, the court moved forward with sentencing. Leisure was ordered to serve 10 days in the local jail and to be monitored by the Fayette County Adult Probation Department for two years. In addition she was ordered to pay restitution to Wilson Leather Outlet and the costs for court prosecution in the case.


By Ashley Bunton

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