Police investigating possible overdose death after body was found inside garage Thursday evening


Police are investigating the suspected overdose-related death of a 31-year-old man whose body was found Thursday evening inside of a garage at 630 Clinton Ave. in Washington C.H.

Diane Calloway, of Dayton, called the Washington C.H. Police Department Thursday and informed dispatch that she was unable to get ahold of her son, Steven G. Calloway, and that she believed he had been in Washington C.H. She also said that someone called Steven Calloway’s girlfriend and said he died Wednesday night.

Officers were provided a location and responded to the residence at 630 Clinton Ave., according to reports. Two women, identified as Linda Barton and Crystal Oates, were at the home at the time and they told officers they did not know of anyone by the name of Steven Calloway, police said.

Barton gave the officers permission to check the residence for Calloway. While investigating, one of the officers made contact with David “Slade” Hagler, who advised that he and Calloway had been in the garage behind the residence the night before. Hagler reportedly told officers that he got tired on Wednesday night and went to bed while Calloway remained in the garage. According to Hagler, that was the last time he had seen Calloway, reports said.

Also at the residence, officers made contact with Donald Cox and Rudy Burns, who said they were unfamiliar with Calloway, reports said.

Officers then entered the garage and found the body of a black male, later identified as Calloway, on the floor on the north side of the building. Blood was coming from his nose and rigor mortis had set in, according to police. His skin was cold to the touch and his blue jeans were partially down, just above his knees, but still buttoned with a fastened belt.

“Based on the evidence at the scene, we believe this is a possible overdose death,” said Lt. Rusty Lowe with the WPD. “However, the death is still under investigation and interviews are being conducted.”

Calloway’s right arm was tucked under his white t-shirt and pressed to his chest. The t-shirt had blood stains on the front of it and there was also blood on the floor around his head, indicating that the body had been in that location and in that position for awhile, according to reports. A white shirt soaked in blood was over his face when police arrived.

A white powder residue was located on Calloway’s head that matched a white powder residue on the edge of the counter top of the bench he was next to, police said. Officers said it’s possible that Calloway lost consciousness on the bench and hit his head on the edge as he fell to the floor.

Police said there was no indication that Calloway had been dragged through the grass or across the cement floor of the garage.

Evidence of drug usage was visible in the garage and around the deceased, according to reports. A syringe and syringe caps were located, as well as small cotton wads typically used to filter heroin when drawn by a syringe. A pill bottle with water in it was also located near the body. This is also typically used in preparation of heroin for injection, police said.

Another man present at the residence at the time, Robert Berwanger, was taken into custody for a bench warrant. He reportedly told police that he came to the house Thursday at around noon or 1 p.m. and stayed inside the entire time. He said that no one inside made mention of a dead person inside the garage, according to reports.


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