Fayette County Prosecutor’s Office pursuing charge in TV cab case


The Fayette County Prosecutor’s Office is pursuing a charge against a man who another man claims is responsible for allegedly bringing him beer and holding him at gunpoint for a television.

Bradley E. Hatfield, 30, from Washington Court House, appeared in court Monday for a pre-trial conference on a charge of robbery, a second degree felony.

According to reports, Hatfield brought a man who lives in the 200 block of Circle Avenue some beer. The man allegedly drank the beer and later agreed to sell his television to Hatfield for $65.

Hatfield reportedly bought the television and then used the man’s phone to call a cab driver to pick him and the television up. Before leaving the residence, Hatfield allegedly told the man he was going to turn around and re-sell the television to someone else on Peabody Avenue for $120.

The man who reportedly agreed to sell his television for $65 then called police and reported that Hatfield robbed him of the television at gunpoint with three other people before quickly hailing a cab on Circle Avenue.

A short time later, the Washington Court House Police Department located Hatfield on Peabody Avenue, exactly where he had told the man he would be re-selling the television.

When the police officers talked to Hatfield’s mother, she allegedly said she had given Hatfield money and dropped him off at the residence on Circle Avenue to purchase the television.

When asked by police how much money she had given Hatfield, she told police she could not remember, but thought she had given him $20 the day before and $20 when dropping him off at the residence to purchase the television, reports said.

Reports said that due to conflicting statements, the officers contacted the Fayette County Prosecutor’s Office which advised to charge Hatfield with robbery.

Hatfield was charged with the felony and was transported to the Fayette County Jail to be held in lieu of bond.

Jury trial is scheduled in the case for July 12.


By Ashley Bunton

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