Vote ‘Yes’ on mental health & prevention levy


Dear Editor,

The Paint Valley Mental Health & Prevention levy deserves our support on the May 2, 2017 ballot.

Children and families in our communities need the levy in times of crisis, when they have no other counseling or treatment options, and no other places to turn. This levy helps loved ones with the emotional or mental health toll on families from drug and heroin abuse.

We need to reach our children with assistance for the mental health trauma they experience through no fault of their own. The proposed levy will provide treatment and prevention services for those needing it the most.

This levy will cost a home owner $35 per year for a home valued at $100,000. This is less than three dollars a month for your family member, for your friend and for our communities.

Join me in voting for the Paint Valley Mental Health and Prevention levy, to help children and families in our communities..

Vote YES for the Paint Valley Mental Health and Prevention Levy on Tuesday May 2, 2017.


Faye Williamson, Director

Fayette County Dept. of Job and Family Services

ADAMH Board Member

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