FCSO Arrests/Citations


According to reports, the following individuals were arrested or cited by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

April 10

Claudia Price, 22, London, speed.

Justin Wilson, 22, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs.

Nathan Wilson, 26, Washington C.H., possession of heroin, aggravated possession of drugs, possession of cocaine.

Amy Putney, 36, Washington C.H., disorderly conduct.

April 9

Cole Karnes, 18, Washington C.H., failure to yield.

Zebulon Workman, 37, Bloomingburg, improper transport of firearm.

Karen Elsass, 47, Hilliard, driving in marked lanes.

April 8

Anthony Pavey, 32, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Blaine Bailey, 28, Washington C.H., theft, theft.

Nike Hurless-Groves, 19, Willowick, speed.

John Rice, 31, driving in markes lanes.

April 7

Todd Harris, 60, Frankfort, failure to yield when turning left.

Amanda Monroe, 23, Washington C.H., carrying concealed weapons, improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, aggravated possession of drugs, illegal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kimball Pettiford, 59, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Terry Harrison, 66, Bronston, Ky., possession of marijuana, disorderly by intoxication.

Courtney Jackson, 27, Washington C.H., receiving stolen property.

Raymond Cumberledge, 55, Somerset, Ky., officer observation, refused breath test, no operator’s license.

Barbara Sears, 21, South Solon, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

April 6

Brian Green, 27, Dayton, speed.

Robert Grooms, 61, Chillicothe, speed.

Preston Reisinger, 32, Frankfort, failure to control.

Kenneth Doud, 25, Loveland, criminal damaging, inducing panic.

April 5

Corey Williams, 20, Greenfield, speed.

Charles Somers, 73, Washington C.H., OVI, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Male, 17, Jeffersonville, seat belt violation.

April 4

Kimball Pettiford, 59, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Shannon Noel, 38, Washington C.H., possession of heroin.

Kevin Wilt, 42, Frankfort, domestic violence.

Brandon Elkins, 31, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Taylor Warner, 18, Jeffersonville, failure to control.

Laura Jordan, 46, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Bradley Hatfield, 30, Washington C.H., OVI, failure to control.

April 3

Janaya Riggins, 25, Cincinnati, failure to appear.

Diana Satchell, Washington C.H., speed.

Candace Cherrington, 59, Jeffersonville, speed.

Rebecca Inman, 22, Jeffersonville, driving under suspension (two counts), expired registration.

April 2

Joey Morris, 36, Washington C.H., failure to reinstate.

Tina Sutton, 49, Mt. Sterling, speed.

Tammy Adkins, 56, Washington C.H., failure to obey traffic control.

Laura Queen, 27, Washington C.H., no operator’s license.

April 1

Kelly Picklesimer, 35, Washington C.H., speed.

Georgia Fout, 57, London, speed.

Brandi Baldridge, 32, Washington C.H., speed.

Nathan Waters, 24, Washington C.H., speed.

March 31

Tyrone Smith, 20, Elyria, disorderly conduct.

Jacob Wilson, 23, Circleville, probation violation.

Brian Collins, 33, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Brandon Wright, 24, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

March 30

Stephen Rafalko, 58, Akron, improper turn.

March 29

Shawn Yoakum, 26, at large, probation violation (two counts).

Heather Borreson, 29, Greenfield, child endangering.

William Boyd, 28, Leesburg, probation violation.

Jessica Huff, 27, Washington C.H., aggravated trafficking in drugs, aggravated possession of drugs, failure to appear.

Male, 17, Bloomingburg, aggravated menacing, assault, telecommunications harassment, conveyance school safety zone.

Chad Smith, 43, Washington C.H., probation violation.

March 28

Jesse Black, 35, Dayton, FRA suspension, possession of marijuana.

Shawn McMurry, 41, Greenfield, right of way.

Kaylynn Little, 22, Washington C.H., failure to assure clear distance ahead, temporary instruction permit.

Michael Ball, 46, New Holland, OVI, OVI refusal, failure to control.

David Fitzpatrick, 22, Washington C.H., physical control, possession of heroin.

March 27

Jayson Gordon, 37, Washington C.H., receiving stolen property.

Kyle Swayne, 37, Xenia, domestic violence.

March 26

Randall Thomas, Jr., 27, Washington C.H., probation violation, littering offense.

Jennifer Belcher, 45, Washington C.H., physical control.

Brian Ortman, 45, South Solon, speed.

Rodger Dennen, 35, Jeffersonville, illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility, possession of drugs.

March 25

Ashley Scott, 19, Washington C.H., OVI, marked lanes violation.

Dustin Gilpen, 26, Washington C.H., probation violation.

March 24

Jeremy Self, 31, Chillicothe, probation violation.

Tyler Rinehart, 24, Washington C.H., expired OLN.

Samantha Williams, 42, Washington C.H., intimidation of a witness, assault.

David Dejarnette, 27, Washington C.H., felonious assault, having weapons under disability.

Bradley Carr, 35, failure to appear.

Justin Hawkins, 31, Columbus, failure to appear.

Andrew Darty, 31, burglary (two counts).

Joe Spearman, 55, Crystal Springs, MS, failure to control.

John Shaw, 68, Washington C.H., backing without safety.

March 23

Female, 11, New Holland, menacing, unruly.

Heather Borreson, 30, Greenfield, failure to control, officer observation.

Kellie Herron, 39, Jeffersonville, driving under suspension.