Man arrested in stabbing incident


A 38-year-old Washington C.H. man is in custody on a felonious assault charge for allegedly stabbing another man in the Walgreens parking lot early Monday morning.

At around 2 a.m., a Washington C.H. Police Department officer responded to Walgreens, 1240 Columbus Ave., on a stabbing complaint. Police identified the victim as Tye Elliott, 38, of Jeffersonville, who was found at the Fayette County Memorial Hospital seeking treatment for his injuries.

Elliott reportedly had a laceration on the left side of his neck and on his right thumb from an apparent knife attack. Elliott told police that he was cut by his cousin, Bradley R. Kingery, of 323 Forest St., while the two of them were involved in a physical altercation in the Walgreens parking lot, according to reports.

“The laceration to (Elliott’s) right thumb was on the inside at the joint and was consistent with a defensive wound,” the report states.

Elliott told police that Kingery had punched his mother after the two men were involved in an argument. Elliott said he exited the vehicle that they were in to confront Kingery and at that time, Kingery pulled two folding-blade knives on him. He said that Kingery was the aggressor and that he had to grab ahold of Kingery to prevent being stabbed or cut with the knives, reports said.

The two reportedly went to the ground, at which time Kingery allegedly cut him on the thumb and then stabbed him in the throat. Elliott said the two were separated and Kingery departed with his girlfriend, who was a front seat passenger in the vehicle.

Police located Kingery’s girlfriend and the vehicle at her apartment on Forest Street shortly after the assault occurred. According to reports, the girlfriend was not forthcoming with information about the incident, but did later admit that an altercation occurred and Kingery had two knives in his possession during it.

Kingery came back to the house based on an officer’s request after he had originally fled on foot when he and his girlfriend arrived at the apartment, police said. Kingery, who was reportedly intoxicated, admitted to getting into a fight with Elliott, but said that he did not cut or stab him at anytime. He did have a minor laceration on his lip and left forearm, reports said.

The girlfriend provided consent for police to search the vehicle and a folding knife was found on the driver side door. The knife did not have any visible blood on it, police said. Blood belonging to Elliott was located on the rear passenger side door, according to Kingery. He said that after the altercation, Elliott attempted to get in the back of the vehicle.

Statements from all involved were obtained by police and Kingery was taken into custody for second-degree felonious assault. He is being held in the Fayette County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Kingery accused of knife attack in Walgreens parking lot

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