Striving to be a ‘perfect ornament’


New Holland United Methodist Women assembled at the home of Ann Thompson on Wednesday, Dec. 7 for their annual Christmas Celebration.

As 22 guests arrived they enjoyed visiting and a social hour. Rev. Brian Dunham gave the invocation preceding the delicious meal. Rev. Brian reported on the 47th year the church has taken Christmas to Red Bird Mission in Kentucky. Christmas gifts were provided for over 110 children and youth. We want to thank everyone who provided gifts and to Jim White, Jim Rowland and Rev. Dunham for delivering all the gifts.

Kay Oughterson gave devotions “Christmas Ornaments.”

Ann Thompson, president, conducted the business meeting, and the secretary’s report was given by Betsy McFadden, secretary. Pat Taylor, treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report.

The group will not meet again until March 7, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. at the church. If you would like to host a meeting, provide a program or refreshments, please let Ann Thompson know. Ann Thompson thanked all for their help with the meal and Christmas Celebration, and all the Lion’s dinners.

Pastor Brian Dunham installed the 2017 officers and welcomed them as the coming year’s officers. Kay Oughterson presented an outstanding program, “An Ornament For Christ.”

She asked the question, What type of ornament am I? Are we a “Tarnished Ornament,” “Ugly Ornament,” “Broken Ornament,” “Packed Away Ornament,” or a “Perfect Ornament?” She explained that a Tarnished Ornament is one that has been rubbed the wrong way a few times, the Ugly Ornament, we may not be ugly on the outside but inside there’s some sad ugliness but we are on the inside with ugly attitude, ugly words and ugly expressions. The broken ornament is that some people just radiate the fact their life has problems. Packed away ornaments are no longer useful and packed away. Can you feel the cobwebs just crisscrossing your spiritual life and you stop reading your Bible and doing devotions? Are you a Perfect Ornament? This type we all should strive to be. The kind that builds up the body of Christ and reflects all that is lovely and an ornament that beautifies and adorns.

Meek in that we have a patient and mild heart that God can work with, a quiet spirit that lets God take control. We let Him be in charge of our hearts and lives. We can pick the kind of ornament we want to be. We can choose how we embellish and adorn the body of Christ by how we act. We can be a reflection of what’s in our hearts. As Christians, we are all some kind of ornament, whether good or bad, dangling for all to see. Strive to be the perfect ornament.

Everyone present was given a beautiful angel ornament to remind them to be an angel spreading God’s love in our lives and doing His will for others. She closed the program with “Blessing The Christmas Ornament” prayer.

The committee for the evening was thanked for a delightful evening. The committee members were: Jodi Kirkpatrick, Kay Oughterson, Jane Ann Garrison, Ivy Pursell, Kathy Stinson, Doris Rowland and Ann Thompson.

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