MT, WHS swim teams open season


The Miami Trace and Washington Swim Teams dove into the 2016-2017 swim season on Nov. 30, 2016 with a tri meet held at McClain High School.

In the girls’ competition, Miami Trace was victorious with a team score of 118 followed closely by McClain with 109 points. Washington finished third with 65 points.

First place finishers for the Lady Panthers were: Lauren Truex, 200 freestyle, 2:37.28, Clare Sollars, 100 freestyle, 1:06.91 and the 500 freestyle, 6:39.08, and Tori Morrison, 100 backstroke, 1:25.55.

First place finishers for Washingon were: Megan Rohrer, 200 IM, 3:02.27 and 100 breastroke, 1:26.25, Mackenzie Truex, 100 butterfly, 1:31.93,

McClain came out on top of the boys’ competition with 115 points, followed by Washington C.H., 62, and Miami Trace, 59.

First place finisher for the Panthers were: Jocob Halderman, 50 freestyle, 25.00 and 100 breastroke, 1:16.25.

First place finishers for Washington were: Liam Downing, 100 butterfly, 1:14.87. 200 medley Washington relay team members Cameron Burns, Spenser Minyo, Liam Downing and Kyler Runk finished first with a time of 2:13.18.

The next swim meet for Washington and Miami Trace is Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Chillicothe YMCA.

Meet results for the Panthers and Blue Lion Girls:

200 Medley Relay – MT Tori Morrison, Destiny Schook, Morgan Leisure, and Gretchen Rife, 2nd, 2:28.70. WCH Miranda Landis, Alexandria Cartwright, Megan Rohrer, and Grace Gerber, 3rd, 2:29.73. MT Clare Sollars, Taylor Barrett, Kaitlyn Taylor and Allison Streitenberger, 4th, 2:36.58.

200 Yard Freestyle – MT Lauren Truex, 1st, 2:37.28 and Addie Braden, 2nd, 2:41.93, WCH Andrea Fitzpatrick, 5th, 4:06.29, and Trinity Ragland, 6th, 4:17.38.

200 Yard IM – WCH Megan Rohrer, 1st, 3:02.27, MT Morgan Leasure, 3rd, 3:22.97 and Taylor Barrett, 4th, 3:27.77.

50 Yard Freestyle – MT Katlyn Taylor, 2nd, 30.06 and Lauren Truex, 3rd, 31.87. WCH Miranda Landis, 4th, 35.33 and Faith Kobel, 5th 38.14.

100 Yard Butterfly – WCH Mackenzie Truex, 1st, 1:31.93 and Grace Gerber, 2nd, 1:47.18.

100 Yard Freestyle – MT Clare Sollars, 1st, 1:06.91 and Kaitlyn Taylor 2nd, 1:12.37. WCH Delaney Greer, 5th, 1:43.11.

500 Yard Freestyle -MT Clare Sollars, 1st, 6:39.08 and Addie Braden, 3rd, 7:36.19. WCH Grace Gerber, 4th, 7:36.45 and McKenna Garren, 6th, 10:33.85.

200 Freestyle Relay – MT Allison Streitenberger, Gretchen Rife, Lauren Truex, Addie Braden 2nd, 2:14.21 and Destiny Shook, Carissa Hostetter, Olivia Flerchinger, Keylee Smith, 3rd, 2:19.18. WCH Abigail Dunn, McKenna Garren, Christina Luebbe, and Trinity Raglund, 5th, 2:43.66, and Delany Greer, Casey Ramirez, Sierra Peters, and Harley Dawson, 6th, 3:08.49.

100 Yard Backstroke – MT Tori Morrison, 1st, 1:25.55 and Kiersten Odierno, 4th, 1:45.66. WCH Abigail Dunn, 5th, 2:02.53 and Harley Dawson, 6th, 2:55.57.

100 Yard Breastroke – WCH Megan Rohrer, 1st, 1:26.25 and Miranda Landis 3rd, 1:33.92. MT Destiny Schook, 4th, 1:39.94 and Taylor Barrett, 5th, 1:41.43.

400 Yard Freestyle – Relay MT Addie Braden, Lauren Truex, Kaitlyn Taylor, and Clare Sollars, 2nd, 4:46.97, and Morgan Leisure, Tori Morrison, Keylee Smith and Gretchen Rife, 3rd, 5:15.05. WCH Megan Rohrer, Alexandria Cartwright, Miranda Landis, and Grace Gerber, 5th, 5:36.20.

Meet results for the Panthers and Blue Lion Boys:

200 Medley Relay – WCH Cameron Burns, Spenser Minyo, Liam Downing, and Kyler Runk, 1st., 2:13.18.

200 Yard Freestyle – MT Gavin Harper, 3rd, 3:00.05 and Justin Jones, 4th, 3:05.56, WCH Trevor Minyo, 5th, 3:12.52.

200 Yard IM – WCH Spenser Minyo, 2nd, 3:06.49.

50 Yard Freestyle – MT Jacob Haldeman, 1st, 25.00 and Colton Sword, 6th, 42.73. WCH Kyler Runk, 4th, 30.58 and Cameron Burns, 5th, 30.74.

100 Yard Butterfly – WCH Liam Downing, 1st, 1:14.87 and Kyler Runk, 2nd, 1:26.91.

100 Yard Freestyle – MT Isaac Abare, 3rd, 1:09.11 and Gavin Harper 5th, 1:20.37. WCH Liam Downing, 4th, 1:10.58 and Trevor Minyo, 6th, 1:20.57.

200 Freestyle Relay – WCH Kyler Runk, Spenser Minyo, Cameron Burns and Liam Downing, 2nd, 2:04.91 MT Gavin Harper, Josh Liff, Kahlin Orso, and Justin Jones, 4th, 2:24.16, and Cole Howland, Jacob Downing Trevor Throckmorton, and Isaac Abare, 5th, 2:29.57.

100 Yard Backstroke – WCH Cameron Burns, 2nd, 1:21.10 MT Isaac Abare, 3rd, 1:30.90 and Cole Howland, 4th, 1:56.18.

100 Yard Breastroke – MT Jacob Haldeman, 1st, 1:16.25 WCH Spenser Minyo, 2nd, 1:22.42.

400 Yard Freestyle Relay – MT Gavin Harper, Cole Howland, Josh Liff, and Isaac Abare, 3rd, 5:32.57, and Trevor Throckmorton, Jacob Downing, Kahlin Orso, and Justin Jones, 4th, 6:54.40.

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