Police Arrests/Citations


According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Dec. 1

Robert E. Wilson II, 58, 302 N. Main St., dog running at large.

Nov. 30

Laura L. Jordan, 45, 5707 Locust Grove Road, probation violation.

Nov. 29

Amber N. Bradshaw, 36, at large, FCSO bench warrant.

Austin W. Payne, 19, 804 Pin Oak Place, three counts of aggravated menacing, resisting arrest.

17-year-old, Washington C.H., disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Cody L. Jago, 27, 744 Pin Oak Place, disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Sharon K. Cox, 39, 1131 N. North St., domestic violence (first-degree misdemeanor).

Nov. 28

John R. Manson, 59, 94 Jamison Road Lot 205, no operator’s license.

Patricia T. West, 84, 1135 Johnson Road Northeast, right of way, left turn violation.

James Blackburn, 26, 638 S. Fayette St., probation violation.

Stephen C. Jackson, 33, 607 Willard St., stop sign violation.

Nov. 27

Kassie Zimmerman-Groves, 34, 207 Ogle St., speed.

Jessica A. Huff, 27, 1501 Greensview Lane, bench warrant for theft.

Bethany N. Benson, 26, 2414 Bogus Road Lot 6, no operator’s license.

Nov. 26

Loren A. Thomas, 29, 511 E. Temple St. Apt. 10, Clinton County Sheriff’s Office bench warrant.

Matthew R. Woodruff, 31, at large, obstruction, theft (first-degree misdemeanor).

Nov. 25

Nicholas W.A. Glispie, 28, 1282 Kick Road, Jeffersonville, FTA – grand jury indictment FCSO.

Ricky L. Snyder, 27, 6801 Palmer Road, bench warrant probation violation.

Kelly Suttles, 30, 718 E. Temple St., failure to control.

Nov. 24

Emily A. Dunn, 23, Chillicothe, Chillicothe warrant.

David R. Funk, 27, 703 Washington Ave., bench warrant – FTC.

Natasha D. Goldsberry, 20, 455 Woodsview Square, Jeffersonville, suspended license, turn signal violation.

Nov. 23

Phillip M. Blackburn, 24, 638 S. Fayette St., no operator’s license, display of plate violation.

Joann Smith, 80, Leesburg, right of way left violation.

Jerry D. Relthford, 30, Manchester, Ohio, disorderly by intoxication.

Hannelore Wells, 67, 1880 Beacon St., stop sign violation.

Tiffany A. Goodwin, 45, Mount Vernon, Ill., right of way at intersection violation.

Cynthia Delarosa, 31, 857 Peddicord Ave., Clinton County warrant for possession of heroin.

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