Woman sentenced on meth possession charge


A Circleville resident who spit out three bags of meth during a traffic stop in Washington C.H. was sentenced Monday.

Brittany N. Saunders, 27, appeared in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas and received a two-year community control sentence and a six-month driver’s license suspension after she plead guilty to charges of tampering with evidence and aggravated possession of drugs.

Saunders spit out three bags of methamphetamine during a traffic stop at the Mobile gas station on Columbus Avenue earlier this year, according to reports. A Washington C.H. police officer reported that Saunders gave consent to search her and the car, and during a pat-down, she grabbed something out of her waistband and put it in her hand.

The officer asked her what was in her hand and Saunders pulled away from him and said, “No don’t do this,” and attempted to run. The officer reported that when he grabbed Saunders, she put something in her mouth, and he put an arm around her neck and “went to the ground” to prevent her from swallowing what she had put in her mouth.

Saunders spit out three baggies of methamphetamine, reports said. In custody, Saunders reported to police that the meth was in the coat that she was wearing and the coat did not belong to her, but would not say who placed meth in the coat. The amount of methamphetamine was less than five grams.


By Ashley Bunton

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