MTYFP holds season-ending banquet


The Miami Trace Youth Football Program held its first annual coaches banquet Saturday evening, Nov. 5 at the Club at Quail Run. The event was catered by Matt Pettit (Streetside 62) with an amazing meal of salads, rolls, sliced pork loin, vegetable medley, potatoes, pumpkin and apple desserts, and iced tea.

The evening began with a season summary from chairman Rob Guthrie on the exceptional dedication, leadership, character, execution, and teaching that each of the coaching staffs portrayed during this first season.

The audience was reminded of three main goals that were established for the program: building a solid foundation for the high school program, excellence in fundamentals, and becoming the standard of excellence for all of Miami Trace Youth Sports.

On this topic, Guthrie congratulated and praised all of the coaches in showing that excellence during each practice and at all games.

“It was truly an honor and joy to watch our coaches perform with the utmost respect and execution for the program and our vision for the future of Miami Trace football,” Guthrie said. “These gentlemen are great role models for our school district and our community in that teaching the fundamentals and character development at this age are much more important than the wins and losses.”

Several other comments from coaches and board members were also given to the group – each with much praise and respect for these gentlemen and for the program.

Following the meal, former Miami Trace and Ohio State All-American Glenn Cobb delivered an exceptional guest speech focused on the need for proper vision and leadership to excel in life or in the game of football.

Cobb spoke in-depth on his former playing days at Miami Trace and at OSU in that it was not talent that led to success, but that it was the vision and leadership of the coaches that determined failure or success. He praised and thanked the group for organizing such an effort to build an excellent program for Miami Trace football.

Next came time for the 1st annual ‘Coach of the Year’ award for the program.

“Over a year ago, when the Board was creating the vision and goals for the new program, we knew that the most important aspect for success was putting the right people in the right places,” Guthrie said. “As Glenn mentioned, we also knew that our program’s future and success would depend on the leadership selected and the execution of that leadership on the field.

“With that being said – the board of directors and myself were extremely pleased and proud of how these coaches handled themselves and their teams during this first season,” Guthrie said. “Although this award goes to only one individual, it does not take away from any other coach as they were all superb in their duties and performance.”

The first annual ‘Coach of the Year’ award was presented to the 3rd grade Black head coach Eddie Napier. Guthrie commented that Eddie was extremely organized in practice plan execution and remaining steadfast in game plan execution; was a great mentor to his players, other coaches, and to parents; was always open to new or changing ideas from others; always went down to the level of each child when needed; always set the example for the entire program; was a leader to all; and was always extremely efficient.

The evening closed with remarks from board member and WOJFC league rep Keith Guthrie.

“During the year, I attend all of the monthly and weekly meetings for the club reps. Many times throughout the year, other schools would question why Miami Trace didn’t have any issues with their players or coaches. I would remind them each time that we carefully selected our coaches and that we have a great group of gentlemen leading our program. To you coaches – thank you and in closing, remember that (it) is always a privilege to teach and mentor our youth.”

2016 Coach of the Year Eddie Napier, left, with program chairman Rob Guthrie. Coach of the Year Eddie Napier, left, with program chairman Rob Guthrie. Courtesy photos photos

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