Officials pleased with voter turnout


Local election officials were pleased with voter turnout as 67.70 percent of Fayette County voters cast their ballots during Tuesday’s general election.

“We’re very happy with that number,” said Robin Beekman, chairperson of the Fayette County Board of Elections. “That’s very close to the percentage we had at the 2012 presidential election.”

In fact, 68.02 percent of registered Fayette County voters cast ballots in 2012.

According to unofficial results, out of 16,249 registered voters in the county, 11,001 of them voted Tuesday.

“We saw some new faces at the polls this year,” said Beekman. “It was great to see a lot of young people getting involved this time around.”

Along with a strong turnout, election officials reported no significant issues at the polls.

“There was a real spirit of cooperation among the voters and the precinct workers,” said Dan Roberts, a member of the local board of elections. “I would really like to praise our poll workers and this board of elections team. They do just an exceptional job. I’m very proud of our team and the opportunity to participate in our democratic process.”

All of the local races were uncontested in Fayette County Tuesday. According to unofficial results, Tony Anderson will serve another term as county commissioner after garnering 7,968 votes; Dan Dean also won another term as county commissioner with 7,655 votes; Jess Weade won another term as prosecuting attorney with 8,300 votes; Evelyn Pentzer garnered 8,433 votes and will serve another term as Clerk of Court of Common Pleas; Vernon Stanforth won another term as county sheriff with 8,885 votes; Cathy Templin will serve another term as county recorder with 8,255 votes; Susan Dunn garnered 8,675 votes and will serve another term as county treasurer; Steve Luebbe will serve another term as county engineer after receiving 8,388 votes; Dennis Mesker will serve another term as county coroner after receiving 8,699 votes; and Steven Beathard won another term as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas with 8,263 votes.

There were three local options: Sunday alcohol sales at True North in Jeffersonville were approved by a 226-141 margin; Sunday alcohol sales at Court House Corner were approved by a 198-187 margin; and Sunday alcohol sales at Mobil in Washington C.H. were approved by a 221-199 margin.

In Fayette County, the ADAMH levy was defeated by a 5,109 to 5,066 margin.

Election results can still change due to the existence of 330 provisional ballots that still need to be counted. Those will be added to the official election certification, which will be held within 10 days.

By Ryan Carter

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