Healing unwanted behavior and addiction with blessings


Ordained ministers, massage therapists and holistic coaches are known for their ability to heal and lead people in the right direction. Rebecca “Ria” Roth is a practitioner of all three and shares her gifts with people so that they may be guided into healing unwanted behavior and discovering their higher purpose.

Roth was born and raised in New York, NY. Raised in a Christian household, the Divine was ever-present for Roth: her father was a pastor of The Church of God in Brooklyn. Her mom, a gospel singer.

“The Divine was in everything we talked about and we were in church nearly every day of the week. My mother and my three sisters were in the choir and my brother played the trumpet in the band. We were frequently in church because of rehearsals and it was what was normal to me,” said Roth.

Roth studied business and worked as a corporate banker on Wall Street. After eight years of working on Wall Street one of her sisters died of cancer and five weeks later her father died of a heart attack. She said losing her sister and father in such a short time was the most devastating event to change the course of her life.

“That led me into a lot of soul searching in remembering who I was. For a couple of years I had been questioning. I am good at this, but this is not what I am supposed to do, like a low-level hum of dissatisfaction. I quit my corporate job and went back to school and transferred to Hunter and decided to study philosophy and I had a lot of questions about life.”

She said she had been on the wrong path that working in the financial district was not her true calling in life. She began to explore meditation, which as a Christian, she said, was very different. Then she studied energy work and polarity therapy which she said can help bring balance to painful or traumatic experiences. After polarity Roth received a degree in clinical massage therapy in 2005. The following year she left for India to study the divine Oneness blessing.

Following 21 days in India, Roth came to visit her sister in Ohio, at which point she said she felt her intuition became very clear to her: she would stay in Dayton and in 2006 she became the first practitioner of the divine Oneness blessing in Ohio.

“My motto was, there are seven billion people on the planet and I want to get my hands on as many of them as possible because that’s how powerful this transmission is, that’s how powerful this blessing is,” said Roth.

For Roth, and other Oneness blessing practitioners, the oneness blessing is the tool that helps people come to a higher state of consciousness.

“The Oneness blessing absolutely revolutionized my life. My life went from black and white to high definition: full color, flat screen, the latest model,” said Roth, laughing for a minute before turning her attention back toward her purpose: “I’m really hoping that it expands globally because the world can be a challenging place to live and people need tools that can help them live a more balanced, fulfilled life.”

Roth said the Oneness blessing has helped people transform their lives, create goals, and helped them to understand what it is they think they are lacking or need more of.

“When we are living in a higher state of consciousness, your experience is that you are in a state of joy and peace and unconditional love. The higher and higher your consciousness is, the more you will experience fulfillment. That’s why people want to be in a higher state of consciousness,” said Roth.

She said a person living in a lower state of consciousness will mainly be experiencing emotions like sadness, anger, depression, worry and anxiety.

“It’s very hard to get yourself out of a lower state of consciousness. That’s why the blessing is so effective. It’s a very powerful transmission of grace. The grace begins to change the state of the person. With the oneness blessing, there is an automatic process that begins to happen in your brain,” Roth said.

She said the person receiving the blessing becomes more attuned to states of joy and calm. And because the Oneness blessing can be done in person, over the telephone, or using video chat on a computer or phone, she can work remotely, travel to churches, gatherings, and weddings, or have people visit her at her office in Miamisburg.

As well as being a divine Oneness blessing giver, a massage therapist, and an ordained minister, Roth is also a certified LIIFT practitioner.

She says the Oneness blessing and LIIFT counseling can help people who are struggling with substance addiction and for those who have opioid dependency because it helps people to change their subconscious thoughts, freeing them of past and unwanted behaviors that have made them unhealthy.

LIIFT stands for the “Life Improving Internal Focus Technique.” The program was developed by Brian Eastman, a Cincinnati pastor, to clear damaged parts of the subconscious and replace negative thinking with positive thoughts to bring balance to a person with depression, trauma and pain.

“If your brain was an iceberg, your conscious mind would be the tip of an iceberg. Your subconscious mind is the rest of the iceberg underneath. What drives your behavior is subconscious—not your conscious,” said Roth, who said the subconscious is much much more powerful than conscious mind.

She said she can have a conversation with a person’s subconscious mind, where good and bad experiences are stored, along with “every message you have ever gotten from your teacher, your parents, from society.”

There is something happening in a person’s subconscious mind that leads them into unhealthy behavior, said Roth. “t could be a glitch, like a computer mind. That glitch is preventing you from behaving in the way that you want to behave. It’s preventing you from doing the things that you say consciously you want to do.”

She said the faulty programming in the subconscious will continue to guide a person’s actions, preventing them from achieving their goals and a healthy lifestyle.

“Until you can get to your subconscious mind and see what is there, you cannot get the mind into balance,” said Roth.

Roth said she would like to explore all options for bringing LIIFT and the divine Oneness blessing to people across Ohio and said, “Anyone who feels called to sponsor Reverend Roth for a day can contact me directly.”

Her email address is [email protected] or she can be reached by phone at 937-304-9595. Her website is www.riawellnesscenter.com

“I work with all faiths. There’s a lot of grace flowing through a faith-based community.”

Reverend Rebecca “Ria” Roth
http://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2016/10/web1_RiaRothHealingwithBlessings-2.jpgReverend Rebecca “Ria” Roth

Rev. Ria Roth blessing a person at Grailville in Loveland, Ohio.
http://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2016/10/web1_ria-roth-blessing-picture-2.jpgRev. Ria Roth blessing a person at Grailville in Loveland, Ohio.

By Ashley Bunton

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