‘Not being a good neighbor’


Dear Editor:

I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I believe establishing a large hog operation that doesn’t have to adhere to a state code because it is keeping the number of hogs just under the number of the state code is not being a good neighbor.

Shouldn’t law makers look at this as an oversight because the runoff from the hogs could ruin the creek water, well water in the area, and create an odor for close neighbors.

I am a father’s daughter who had hogs – but not a “mega farm.” We had a creek next to our farm but he did not spread manure near the creek. As soon as the sows and young pigs were old enough, they were put in hog houses with pens. Later they were put in fields. We did not hear neighbors complain.

I believe that a “mega-hog” operation lacking just 100 hogs of meeting current state codes is an oversight on the part of lawmakers. It is in the best interest of Ohio citizens to prevent such an operation from being established.

The odor is just a minor objection, but other health concerns exist. The dynamics of spreading manure, the question of run-off, and the question of the creek bed flooding are all health and safety issues.

Hopefully, those involved in creating this “mega-farm” will consider these factors before launching such a farm.


Bobbie Von Bargen

Washington C.H. resident

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