An open letter to Gov. Kasich


I have been a loyal supporter of yours for many years. From the Ohio Senate to the U.S. House of Representatives to Ohio Governor. I talked you up to everyone as the most qualified candidate in the recent Republican Party Primary. You gave your word that you would support whichever candidate won the primary. I was shocked when you refused to keep that pledge. A man’s word is his bond.

This election is perhaps the Republicans’ very best chance to regain the White House. Over 50 percent of the U.S. population now receives some form of government assistance thanks to the liberal ideas supported by the current Administration. President Obama excited voters with the possibility of being the first African American President, as well as offering more handouts from the government. His supporters turned out in record numbers and made him a two-term President.

Hillary Clinton has not been able to excite voters anywhere close to the levels of Pres. Obama despite the possibility of being the first female President. It is doubtful that the Democrats will be able to get voter turnout anywhere close to the levels of the last two elections. Donald Trump has created excitement, bringing out record numbers of supporters to outlast 16 other candidates to become the Republican nominee. If HRC is successful in winning the Presidency she will do her best to initiate even more government giveaways.

Some say you and others are looking ahead to 2020 as your chance to run. What if four years of HRC’s giveaways increase the percentage of those on assistance to near 60 percent? The Republicans may never occupy the White House again. We need conservative reforms in our government. Donald Trump may not be conservative enough in your eyes, but he is certainly tremendously more conservative than the other option.

I urge you to put aside your personal feelings and bring back the public servant that I have supported for years. You are letting down your constituents. The voters have spoken. You gave your word! You need to get behind perhaps the last best chance for a Republican in the White House. The time is now!


Jack Chapman

Fayette County, Ohio

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