Sentencings this week in Common Pleas Court


Two people appeared for sentencing Monday in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.

Mark E. Rowland, 30, of Washington Court House, admitted to assaulting his friend and was sentenced to one year of community control with the Fayette County Adult Probation Department. A 180-day jail sentence was suspended and he is ordered to complete an alcohol program and pay the costs for prosecution.

Rowland told the court Sept. 12 that he and his friend were walking across the parking lot at Kroger on Clinton Avenue April 23 after purchasing a bottle of Jack Daniels. Rowland said his friend put a hand on him “a little more aggressively than necessary” and Rowland responded by punching his friend and running off with their bottle of Jack Daniels.

Toby D. Fraley, 47, of Sabina, admitted to stealing a thermal camera and was sentenced to 10 days in the Fayette County Jail and two years of community control with the Fayette County Adult Probation Department for theft. Fraley was ordered to complete an assessment with Fayette Recovery and to pay the costs for prosecution.

Fraley admittedly stole several items from his employer, Stage Distribution, which he said he pawned for cash, the most recent being a thermal camera valued at approximately $1,600.

By Ashley Bunton

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