Jail inmate dies at OSU hospital


A Fayette County woman who had been an inmate in the Fayette County Jail has died, according to Sheriff Vernon Stanforth.

Stanforth said Tuesday that the sheriff’s office received notice that Tiara L. Adams, 22, died Monday at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus.

Adams was arrested June 3 for trafficking in heroin and tampering with evidence, according to records.

According to reports, Adams fell ill while in the jail Wednesday, June 8 and was treated with Naloxone. She was transported to the Fayette County Memorial Hospital for treatment. Adams was then released back into custody of the Fayette County Jail Wednesday night.

“She [Adams] was brought back [Wednesday night] and we put her in the booking area for observation. We assume she was having withdrawal-like symptoms. She was not in any distress. The jailer checked on her and found her to be unresponsive again,” said Stanforth.

A Fayette County Jail staff member reported Adams as unresponsive Friday, June 10 and requested Emergency Medical Services. EMS attempted to revive Adams without success and she was transported to Fayette County Memorial Hospital. While at the emergency room they were able to regain a pulse, according to an incident report. Adams was then transported to OSU.

Family and friends could not be reached as of press time.

“I was notified at 5:26 p.m. Monday by the Franklin County Coroner’s Office that they had been notified by OSU on the death and that they were receiving the body. Franklin County will conduct the autopsy,” said Stanforth.

At this time the cause of death is unknown.

Stanforth said that because Naloxone was used to revive Adams the first time she was unconscious, the sheriff’s office suspects she had had a heroin overdose in the jail, but do not know what drugs Adams could have taken and stated the ongoing investigation and autopsy will reveal further information. Stanforth stated it is being investigated as to whether a new arrestee smuggled an illegal drug into the jail in a body cavity.

Stanforth said there had been no contact with her family as of Tuesday afternoon.

A Clermont County Sheriff’s Office investigation team has been involved since June 10 and are conducting the investigation in its entirety, according to Stanforth. Statements from jail inmates were obtained and are being reviewed. Video surveillance is also being reviewed. Once the statements and evidence are collected, the results from the investigation will be presented to the Fayette County Prosecutor’s Office.

“The investigation will reveal more information,” said Stanforth.

Ongoing investigation to determine cause

By Ashley Bunton

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