Woman sentenced on drug charges


A Jeffersonville woman who overdosed in the City Motel with her two children in her care was sentenced this week.

Kristin L. Whitamore plead guilty to and was sentenced on charges of possession of heroin and possession of a drug abuse instrument.

Judge Steven Beathard of the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas sentenced Whitamore to two years of community control subject to the supervision and control of the Fayette County Adult Probation Department and counseling with Fayette Recovery. Whitamore also forfeited her right to posses or carry a firearm, has a six-month suspension of her driver’s license, and was ordered to pay costs of prosecution for which judgment and execution is awarded.

Washington C.H. police arrived at the City Motel on Washington Avenue Sept. 28, 2015 on a call of an unresponsive female. A woman who was staying in hotel room 21 was standing outside the doorway with two small children and she stated the unresponsive female, Kristin Whitamore, was inside. The officer told the woman to take the kids away until they could determine what was happening.

According to the woman, they had stopped at her room to get her keys and Whitamore had gone to the restroom. The woman stated she heard a thump and went in and found Whitamore on the floor non-responsive, so she called 911. EMT’s arrived and a squad member treated Whitamore with Narcan.

Drug paraphernalia was reportedly located in Whitamore’s purse and confiscated by police. Whitamore stated those confiscated items belonged to her, according to reports. Whitamore was transported by squad to the emergency room and the two small children were turned over to Children Services. A Bureau of Criminal Investigation forensic scientist determined the confiscated drug to be heroin and Fentanyl.

Whitamore faces sentencing of a 12-month prison term and 30 days in Fayette County Jail if she violates the court-ordered conviction and sentence.


By Ashley Bunton

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