Man steals Facebook friend’s credit card


A 34-year-old Washington C.H. man who stole a Facebook friend’s credit card was sentenced to nine months in prison Monday for forgery and aggravated possession of drugs.

The Washington C.H. police responded Dec. 13, 2015 to a complaint of a drug overdose in the 200 block of Draper Street. Cody S. Moore was found on the floor turning blue, unresponsive and had a very faint pulse, reports said. An officer administered chest compressions until the Fayette County Emergency Medical Services arrived. Moore was put on a gurney and transported to the Fayette County Memorial Hospital Emergency Room.

The officer located drug paraphernalia in the bathtub that appeared to be heroin-related. The officer collected the items, photographed it, entered it into evidence, and sent it to testing for heroin at the Bureau of Criminal Identification. Moore fled the hospital before being given release papers, and before officers could arrive. He was later arrested Feb. 20.

The victim called the police dispatcher Dec. 20, 2015 to report the theft of a credit card. The victim stated he knew the offender from previously being incarcerated with him but that he had not seen or talked to him in about three years. The victim received a Facebook message from Moore asking him to hang out, according to reports.

The two men went to a local bar, had a few drinks, and shot some games of pool together. The victim said after the bar closed the men went to his home, and Moore stayed up most of the night playing video games on the PlayStation.

Shortly after, the victim received a fraud alert from his bank that his credit card had been attempted to be used at the Marathon gas station on North Street. It was then that the victim noticed his card and $20 was missing from his wallet. The police officer obtained video surveillance from the gas station to identify the person who attempted to use the card.

Moore later sent the victim messages on Facebook, stating he was really high when he stole the credit card and stated he was willing to return the stolen card, according to police. He was arrested Jan. 25 on four counts of forgery, misuse of credit card, and theft.

Moore was credited with 14 days of jail time.
Moore sent to prison on forgery, drug charges

By Ashley Bunton

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