Congrats to 4-H graduates


“Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.” ~ Corita Kent

This is a special time in the lives of many 4-H families as the seniors begin a new phase of their lives. It is important to recognize our senior 4-H members for their dedication to the Fayette County 4-H program.

As an educator, I am proud of all of our seniors for their contributions to the program, whether it is through club work, junior leaders, camp counselors, junior fair board, or fair, they have made a significant impact on the Fayette County 4-H program. Several have been recognized at the state and even the national 4-H level for their 4-H activities and accomplishments.

Three are serving on the Ohio State Fair Junior Fair Board in 2016 – Riley Evans, Bethany Reiterman and Kameron Rinehart. Several were named winners of state 4-H achievement awards, which resulted in a trip to the National 4-H Congress in Atlanta – Hannah Casto, Cody Clyburn, Riley Evans, Kameron Rinehart and Virginia Schappacher. Four have served on the state 4-H Teen Advisory Council – Hannah Casto, Riley Evans, Bethany Reiterman and Kameron Rinehart, who served as president. Kameron also served in national 4-H leadership positions on the National 4-H Congress Leadership team and the National 4-H Conference Leadership Team.

At the county level, many of our teens have served during their years in 4-H as a camp counselor or on the junior fair board. A special thank you to the following teens for giving their time to serve in these leadership roles: Hannah Adams, Zach Alt, Hannah Casto, Cody Clyburn, Hannah Ellenberger, Riley Evans, Kaitlyn Ison, Madisyn Callahan, Ginna Climer, Morgan Mick, Kayla Miller, Bethany Reiterman, Kameron Rinehart, Virginia Schappacher, Alexis Schwartz, Kody Scott, Kimberly Sollars, Kaleigh Swayne, Brittany Warnock and Brock Wilt.

These are only an example of the seniors’ accomplishments and contributions to 4-H. Many have excelled in the classroom, in the sports arena, the performing arts, and spiritually, but all of them have learned important life lessons through their 4-H experiences. They have learned responsibility, sportsmanship, time management, work ethics, and most importantly, character. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow from third graders to young adults. Thank you to their families for sharing their childhood with us through 4-H.

The Class of 2016 will always have a special place in my heart, for they are a remarkable class of dynamic young people who have many talents and gifts to share with the world. They will always “make the best better!”

Good luck to the graduating 4-H Seniors: Hannah Adams, Johanna Alltop, Zach Alt, Skylynn Barden, Hannah Casto, Cody Clyburn, Hannah Ellenberger, Riley Evans, Haley Fletcher, Deidra Hunt, Kaitlyn Ison, Kevin Gustin, Madisyn Callahan, Ginna Climer, Morgan Mick, Cassie Miller, Kayla Miller, Wesley Milstead, Sadie Nye, Bailey Perrill, Dawn Pollcock, Bethany Reiterman, Kameron Rinehart, Jameson Rowland, Virginia Schappacher, Alexis Schwartz, Kody Scott, Bailey Smith, Kimberly Sollars, Kaleigh Swayne, Cheyanna Trenner, Kelsea Viar, Brittany Warnock, Miranda Wheeler, and Brock Wilt.

By Nadine Fogt

Nadine Fogt is the OSU Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development in Fayette County.

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