Man pleads guilty to drug possession


Timothy J. May, of Washington C.H., plead guilty recently to a felony charge of aggravated possession of drugs.

May was traveling eastbound on US Route 35 in Fayette County Jan. 19 when an Ohio State Highway Patrol officer clocked him with radar for speeding.

When the officer initiated the traffic stop on the 1998 tan Chevrolet Impala, the driver of the vehicle reportedly said to the officer, “How you doing bud? I’m not even going to lie to you man. I don’t have a license.”

The driver then stated to the officer that the passenger in the car was sick with the flu and he was trying to get her home.

The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle. As the driver stepped out of the vehicle, he appeared to be grabbing for something in the center console, reports said. The officer asked what he was reaching for and he said he was making sure he had his phone and that he was nervous.

The driver of the vehicle consented to a pat down, at which point he was found with cellophane in his hand containing seven round white pills. The officer identified the pills as Oxycodone. No other contraband was found within the vehicle. May was arrested and taken to the Fayette County Jail. The pills were sent to the OSHP Crime Lab.

May was indicted May 4 by a Fayette County grand jury and plead guilty May 16 in Fayette County Common Pleas Court. He is scheduled for sentencing Aug. 1.

By Ashley Bunton

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