Getting Ahead: Staying Focused


I have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and we enjoy riding it when the weather is good. I have learned that it is necessary to focus on the road ahead.

A few years back, as Glenda and I were riding through southern Ohio, a truck just ahead of us blew a recap and it flew right toward us. We were then engulfed in smoke as what was left of the tire was being ground off by the pavement.

Fortunately, I was looking straight ahead and saw the huge chunk of rubber fly from the tire a split second before the smoke started. Because of that, even though we were almost immediately surrounded by smoke, I went to the center of the road and the flying recap went by without hitting us. That split second gave me time to see which way that deadly hunk of rubber was heading after it tore loose from the tire. We looked back at the tumbling recap and it was as big as our bike.

Had I not been focused on the road ahead of us, we would have ridden straight into that recap and would have been numbered as another statistic of motorcycle fatality.

There are times in our life when it seems that disastrous circumstances and situations are flying toward us. We do not know which way to turn because our vision has been obstructed by the agony of the situation. Could it be that we would be able to avoid the inevitable failure if we keep our focus in the right place?

These and other life questions will be addressed Sunday morning as “The Gathering Place Family” meets in the Washington High School Gymnasium at 10 a.m. for our Pre-Service Connection where we enjoy coffee, juice and donuts. Our Worship Service and Children’s Church then begins at 10:30. Come at 7 p.m. and be part of our Wednesday night Bible Study and Children’s Ministry on the third floor above Trends at 120 West Court Street.

By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist

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