Man pleads guilty to coin machine B&E


A Chillicothe man who attempted to break into a coin machine and ran from a Fayette County Sheriff’s Office deputy has plead guilty.

Darren W. Mosley, 45, appeared May 23 in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas and entered a guilty plea to breaking and entering and tampering with coin machines.

An employee at Tanger Outlet in Jeffersonville had just turned off the store lights and was leaving the mall at approximately 10 p.m. when a man in a dark blue hooded sweatshirt was spotted walking around the mall. The store employee said Mosley’s action was suspicious because most shoppers were leaving the mall, not entering the mall, during that time. The store employee observed Mosley approach an ice cream machine and break into it with a pry bar, according to statements filed with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. The store employee called law enforcement.

A deputy responded to the incident. Upon arriving at the Tanger Outlet, the deputy observed a male who fit the witness’s description standing next to a vending machine. The deputy exited his vehicle and told the man to “come here,” but the man fled on foot around the building, got into a vehicle and left the premises. The deputy radioed a description of the vehicle to additional units.

Mosley was stopped on the 35 bypass and was identified as the male suspect who had been at the mall. Mosley made a statement advising he was attempting to obtain money from the ice cream vending machine at the Jeffersonville Mall when the officer pulled up and told him to “come here.” Mosley said he ran away to avoid being arrested and that he used a tire tool to try and access the ice cream machine.

The reported value of the breaking and entering was recorded as $100.

Mosley was arrested and taken to the Fayette County Jail. He was released on OR bond. Sentencing is scheduled for June 27.

By Ashley Bunton

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