Don’t support pro-Petland bill


To the Editor:

Pet stores sell puppies from high volume dog breeders. These so called “breeders” keep their breeding dogs in small cages, often without ever touching the grass or feeling a loving hand. They produce litter after litter until their bodies are worn out – then they are either killed or sent to a rescue, where they often have multiple physical and social problems and find it difficult to adapt.

Puppies from these “breeders” are often sent to dog brokers, who sort the puppies and send them off to pet stores, where unsuspecting buyers pay a high cost for dogs that may not be healthy. In my 36 years as a practicing veterinarian, I have treated many puppies from pet stores. It is common to find that they have chronic infections, congenital disorders, or socialization problems. Selling dogs from high volume dog breeders is a business model that places profits above the well-being of the dogs.

On Friday, May 20, a bill was introduced by our State Senator, Bob Peterson, which takes away the ability of localities to decide if they will allow a pet store to sell puppies from high volume dog breeders within their boundaries. Our Representative, Gary Scherer, has introduced a similar bill in the State House of Representatives. Is it a coincidence that the CEO of Petland lives in Chillicothe, within the district of both sponsors of the bill? They are trying to move this bill through the House and Senate quickly, and we need to respond just as quickly.

Please contact Senator Peterson and Representative Scherer today and tell them that we do not support this pro-Petland bill, and that we are disappointed that they would place business interests over the welfare of these dogs.


Lee Schrader, DVM

Diplomate, American college of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Small Animal)

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