Washington Garden Club attends OAGC regional meeting


Seven members of the Washington Garden Club motored to Plain City for the Ohio Association region #16 spring meeting.

Madison County, Open Gate Garden Club and Garden Gate Garden Club hosted the event at the Maranatha Community Fellowship Church. Garden clubs from Clinton, Fayette, Greene, Highland, Madison and Warren counties attended.

Director, Linda Morgan, welcomed all. Roll call was called with 68 present. The secretary and treasurer reports were given and approved. Linda called for county contact reports.

Ohio Association President Peggy Case spoke on upcoming events and urged all to attend OAGC Nature Study Retreat at Camp Oty’Okwa, Hocking Hills, May 22-27. The OAGC 86th State Convention will be June 6-8, 2016 at Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center, Mt. Sterling. The OAGC Exhibitor’s and Judges School will be rescheduled.

Babs Sabick reported on design study. Ann Lynch asked for program, publicity and therapy books to be sent to her by Dec. 15. Joy Culler announced flower show winners. Each county could enter one design and one horticultural exhibit per class. She explained why this one rather than that one was the winner. Lexie Beerfield urged the clubs to take pictures and enter the OAGC Nature and Beautification Contest.

Nancy Jo Esper reminded us everything growing is horticulture. Her display was on chipmunks. They can climb trees with great skill and ease, and are masters of burrowing. Each chipmunk foot has five long fingers, or toes. Each toe has a hooked claw that is sharp enough to grip into tree bark. In addition, the ankle joint of each foot can turn to face backwards. The chipmunk goes to a lot of trouble to hide the entrance to its tunnel. It carries the soil out of the burrow in its cheek pouches and dumps it far from the burrow’s opening.

Donations were accepted for the OAGC foundation.

Bruce Brethauer from the Central Ohio Cactus and Succulent Society was introduced following lunch and shopping. His presentation was “Succulents Are Here to Stay.” He offered a free cactus to anyone that would give a home to orphaned cactus whose previous owner, a society member, Burl Norman, died at 107, and left a greenhouse full of cacti.

The Carnegie Youth Garden Club members’ clay pot wind chimes and dream catchers were displayed. The winners will go to OAGC state convention.

Members departed with much knowledge, the warmth of a delicious lunch and renewed friendships. Some won door prizes which included handmade felt centerpieces, Red Hens on a Nest, made by Barb Myers.

The Washington Garden Club met May 3, at the Fayette County Airport Conference Room. Roll call was answered by naming your favorite spring flower. Lee Reno gave the horticulture report on Melampodium. This annual flower is golden yellow to orange-yellow, daisy-type, blooms until a hard frost. You don’t have to deadhead or pinch.

Lee also gave the program on Snapdragons. The flowers are red, pink, mauve, bronze rose, scarlet, white, yellow, orange and bi-colors. Snaps look great when planted with other summer bloomers in mixed patio pots and window boxes. They produce blooms in fall even after a few light frosts.

By David Persinger

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