Lady Lions 2nd at SCOL track meet


CHILLICOTHE — The Washington Lady Blue Lion track program’s streak of six consecutive SCOL titles came to an end, as all streaks must, Wednesday at Chillicothe High School.

The six straight titles are an SCOL record that will never be broken, because the SCOL will only exist for one more year.

The Lady Cavaliers of Chillicothe won the league title, scoring 176 points to 160 for Washington.

Clinton-Massie was third (90) followed by Miami Trace in fourth (69), McClain fifth (63), Wilmington sixth (48), followed by Hillsboro (45) and East Clinton (9).

On the boys’ side, Hillsboro took the title with 137 points.

McClain was second with 113, followed by Clinton-Massie (109) and Chillicothe (97).

Miami Trace was fifth with 78 points, Wilmington was sixth with 47 points, Washington took seventh with 45 points and East Clinton scored 35 points.

The Lady Lions won seven events at the league meet, including two relays.

Alexis Gray won the 400-meter dash in a time of 58.24.

Gray won the 800-meter run in 2:22.95, nearly 15 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher.

Gray was also a member of the winning 4 x 200-meter relay. Along with Megan Mullins, Haley Petitt and Holly Inskeep, Washington’s winning time was 1:47.41.

Also for Washington, Maddy Garrison won both distance events. She won the 1600-meters in 5:32.78, almost 22 seconds ahead of second place.

Garrison won the 3200-meter run in 12:06.11 which was one minute and 10 seconds ahead of second place.

Garrison was a member of the winning 4 x 800-meter relay. Along with Kirsten List, Alexa Harris and Maria Pickerill, Washington turned in a winning time of 10:45.54, 16 seconds ahead of second place.

Jaelyn Mason won the SCOL title in the pole vault at 8’ 9”.

Washington was second in the 4 x 100-meter relay in 52.39. That team was comprised of Maria Wilson, Inskeep, Petitt and Mullins.

Clinton-Massie won that relay in 51.15.

Wilson took second in the high jump at 4’ 10”. She placed third in the 100-meter hurdles in 17.12.

Washington placed second in the 4 x 400-meter relay. The team of Kynzie Osborne, Mullins, Garrison and Raven Haithcock turned in a time of 4:31.18.

Chillicothe won that relay with a time of 4:17.79.

Mullins was second in the long jump at 16’ 5”.

Savanna Davis placed third in the high jump at 4’ 8”.

Megan Downing was third in the pole vault at 8’ 0”.

For the Lady Panthers of Miami Trace, Tori Morrison won the SCOL high jump title at 5’ 0”.

Katie Seyfang won the shot put with a throw of 36’ 9 1/2”.

Tori Evans placed third in the 3200-meter run for Miami Trace with a time of 13:29.79.

For the Panthers, Tyrae Pettiford won the SCOL 400-meter dash in 50.34, nipping Cody Hardesty of McClain by two-tenths of a second.

Blake Pittser was second in the 3200-meters with a time of 10:38.96. Pittser was third in the 1600-meter run in 4:46.63.

Drake Litteral was second in the 200-meter dash with a time of 23.01, just two-tenths behind Braden Wildey of Hillsboro. Litteral placed third in the 100-meter dash in 11.53.

The Panthers placed second in the 4 x 200-meter relay in a time of 1:33.38. That team was comprised of Pettiford, Devin Bainter, Noah Wiseman and Litteral.

Wes Seyfang took second in the discus throw at 127’ 7”.

For the Blue Lions, Brandon Underwood placed second in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:04.03.

Trevor Hicks placed second in the shot put with a throw of 42’ 0”.

The Division II District track meet gets underway Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at Washington High School.

Washington, Miami Trace and 1st place girls results from the 2016 SCOL track meet

100-meter dash – Tanea Cousins, C, 1st, 12.75; Holly Inskeep, W, 4th, 13.08; Alexis Gray, W, 7th, 13.34; Alexis Smith, MT, 10th, 13.99; Deyonna Branshaw, MT, 13th, 15.25

200-meter dash – Tanea Cousins, C, 1st, 26.70; Jaelyn Mason, W, 7th, 28.85; Alexis Smith, MT, 8th, 28.92; Macey Stires, MT, 9th, 29.48

400-meter dash – Alexis Gray, W, 1st, 58.24; Kynzie Osborne, 4th, 1:07.32; Tori Morrison, MT, 6th, 1:11.75

800-meter run – Alexis Gray, W, 1st, 2:22.95; Alexa Harris, W, 5th, 2:44.86; Abby Riley, MT, 8th, 2:57.76

1600-meter run – Maddy Garrison, W, 1st, 5:32.78; Tori Evans, MT, 4th, 6:02.00; Kirsten List, W, 6th, 6:33.69

3200-meter run – Maddy Garrison, W, 1st, 12:06.11; Tori Evans, MT, 3rd, 13:29.79; Kirsten List, W, 5th, 14:27.04

100-meter hurdles – Chayden Pitzer, Mc, 1st, 16.17; Maria Wilson, W, 3rd, 17.12; Macy Creamer, MT, 4th, 17.24; Raven Haithcock, W, 6th, 18.52

300-meter hurdles – Tanea Cousins, C, 1st, 48.68; Macy Creamer, MT, 4th, 52.76; Maria Pickerill, W, 5th, 53.46; Raven Haithcock, W, 7th, 54.45

4 x 100-meter relay – Clinton-Massie, 1st, 51.15 (Preslee Rolf, Courtney Gibson, Rachel Avery, Mallory Homan); Washington, 2nd, 52.39 (Maria Wilson, Holly Inskeep, Haley Petitt, Megan Mullins); Miami Trace, dq

4 x 200-meter relay – Washington, 1st, 1:47.41 (Alexis Gray, Megan Mullins, Haley Petitt, Holly Inskeep); Miami Trace, 4th, 1:58.34 (Laralyn LeBeau, Tori Morrison, Macey Stires, Alexis Smith)

4 x 400-meter relay – Chillicothe, 1st, 4:17.79 (Riley Wright, Jasmine Roper, Jade Barnes, Abby Sullivan); Washington, 2nd, 4:31.18 (Kynzie Osborne, Megan Mullins, Maddy Garrison, Raven Haithcock); Miami Trace, 4th, 4:43.23 (Macy Creamer, Morgan Miller, Olivia Flerchinger, Laralyn LeBeau)

4 x 800-meter relay – Washington, 1st, 10:45.54 (Maddy Garrison, Kirsten List, Alexa Harris, Maria Pickerill); Miami Trace, 5th, 11:41.52 (Julia Barrett, Abby Riley, Anna Pfeifer, Tori Evans)

High jump – Tori Morrison, MT, 1st, 5’ 0”; Maria Wilson, W, 2nd, 4’ 10”; Savanna Davis, W, 3rd, 4’ 8”

Pole vault – Jaelyn Mason, W, 1st, 8’ 9”; Megan Downing, W, 3rd, 8’ 0”; Elizabeth Kratzer, MT, 9th, 6’ 6”

Long jump – Tanea Cousins, C, 1st, 17’ 9”; Megan Mullins, W, 2nd, 16’ 5”; Megan Downing, W, 6th, 14’ 1 1/2”; Laralyn LeBeau, MT, 8th, 13’ 10 1/2”

Shot put – Katie Seyfang, MT, 1st, 36’ 9 1/2”; Taylor Smith, W, 6th, 29’ 9”

Discus throw – Jocelyn Burton, C-M, 1st, 104’ 10”; Katie Seyfang, MT, 5th, 91’ 3”; Trinity Ragland, W, 10th, 65’ 0”; Emily Adams, W, 14th, 55’ 5”

Miami Trace, Washington and 1st place boys results from the 2016 SCOL track meet

100-meter dash – Alex Hollar, Mc, 1st, 11.27; Drake Litteral, MT, 3rd, 11.53; Tyrae Pettiford, MT, 8th, 11.99; Jacob Rice, Wm, 14th, 12.39; Ethan Smith, W, 15th, 12.53

200-meter dash – Braden Wildey, H, 1st, 22.82; Drake Litteral, MT, 2nd, 23.01; Elijah Sauceda, MT, 7th, 24.00; Jerry Knapp, W, 14th, 25.46

400-meter dash – Tyrae Pettiford, MT, 1st, 50.34; Branton Mitchell, W, 9th, 57.11; Caden Smith, W, 16th, 1:01.94

800-meter run – Cody Hardesty, Mc, 1st, 2:01.75; Brandon Underwood, W, 2nd, 2:04.03; Josh Trimmer, W, 7th, 2:12.20; Jothem Lewis, MT, 10th, 2:19.75; Jake Atwood, MT, 11th, 2:19.94

1600-meter run – Donavan Lowe, C, 1st, 4:41.37; Blake Pittser, MT, 3rd, 4:46.63; Jake Atwood, MT, 8th, 5:07.28; Chris Conger, W, 14th, 5:34.64; Cody Riley, W, 15th, 6:07.48

3200-meter run – Tommy Henry, Mc, 1st, 10:24.02; Blake Pittser, MT, 2nd, 10:38.96; Chris Conger, W, 11th, 11:56.25; August Langley, MT, 12th, 12:03.16; Connor Lane, W, 14th, 12:18.23

110-meter hurdles – Mackenzie Conlon, H, 1st, 15.33; Justin Reed, MT, 7th, 18.91; Caleb Rice, W, 8th, 19.58; Collin George, W, 9th, 19.57

300-meter hurdles – Mackenzie Conlon, H, 1st, 39.37; Jonah Meehan, MT, 4th, 44.52; Justin Reed, MT, 8th, 46.57; Hunter Sever, W, 10th, 47.62; Caleb Rice, W, 13th, 48.73

4 x 100-meter relay – McClain, 1st, 45.03 (Tristan Pitzer, Jensen Knaff, Tyler Jackson, Alex Hollar); Washington, 5th, 47.85 (Jacob Rice, Jerry Knapp, Hunter Sever, Caleb Rice); Miami Trace, 7th, 52.98 (Noah Wiseman, Malik Jackson, Devin Bainter, Drake Litteral)

4 x 200-meter relay – Hillsboro, 1st, 1:31.57 (Luke Gallimore, Mackenzie Conlon, Anthony Anderson, Braden Wildey); Miami Trace, 2nd, 1:33.38 (Tyrae Pettiford, Devin Bainter, Noah Wiseman, Drake Litteral); Washington, 6th, 1:40.09 (Jerry Knapp, Ethan Smith, Brandon Underwood, Caleb Rice)

4 x 400-meter relay – Hillsboro, 1st, 3:34.19 (Luke Gallimore, Anthony Anderson, Ty Alexander, Mackenzie Conlon); Washington, 4th, 3:43.44 (Brandon Underwood, Josh Trimmer, Jerry Knapp, Branton Mitchell); Miami Trace, dq

4 x 800-meter relay – Clinton-Massie, 1st, 8:33.53 (Jacob Whitaker, Tanner Olberding, Alex Hudson, Nick Chowning); Washington, 4th, 8:59.24 (Brandon Underwood, Josh Trimmer, Chris Conger, Branton Mitchell); Miami Trace, 7th, 10:01.30 (Jake Atwood, Jothem Lewis, August Langley, Josh Holmes)

High jump – Alex Hollar, Mc, 1st, 6’ 2”; Wyatt Cory, MT, 10th, 5’ 4”; Jordan Morris, W, tied 11th, 5’ 2”; Malik Jackson, MT, tied 11th, 5’ 2”

Pole vault – Austin Goolsby, H, 1st, 14’ 7”; Hunter Sever, W, 4th, 11’ 0”; Wyatt Cory, MT, 7th, 10’ 0”; Jacob Haldeman, MT, 8th, 9’ 6”

Long jump – Tristan Pitzer, Mc, 1st, 20’ 4 1/2”; Devin Bainter, MT, 10th, 17’ 9”; Corey Olley, MT, 11th, 16’ 10 1/2”; Dillon Steward, W, 15th, 16’ 1 3/4”; Hunter Sever, W, 16th, 15’ 1/2”

Shot put – Kristen Boltenhouse, C, 1st, 42’ 8”; Trevor Hicks, W, 2nd, 42’ 0”; Mason McCane, W, 5th, 39’ 6 3/4”; Wes Seyfang, MT, 6th, 39’ 5 1/2”; Brad Mossbarger, MT, 8th, 37’ 11”

Discus throw – Jakob Staggs, C, 1st, 135’ 8”; Wes Seyfang, MT, 2nd, 127’ 7”; Brad Mossbarger, MT, 8th, 108’ 10”; Kirkland Wilson, W, 11th, 100’ 8”; Trevor Hicks, W, 13th, 99’ 3”

By Chris Hoppes

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