Enhancing Strengths


When does it become possible to be scared of our fearlessness? This is a question I ponder when thinking about trying new things. It is essential to our vitality that we find new experiences and go for them.

They do come regardless of any expectations we hold as certainties of future events. In my own observation, at the points I had been most certain about something happening I have been wrong. Perhaps here is the answer to the original question posed above.

We think that our thoughts and feelings must match up in perfect alignment for the right way to do something to arise. How often does this even happen? So many times this ideal moment turns out to be the wrong decision and causes a boat of mixed emotions.

Many occurrences I have went with what only felt right at the time, without hesitation, not thinking, and landed on the right decision. Going with what felt right even if my thoughts were telling me otherwise. There is no way to be certain of anything. Each moment in life is endless in its direction. It is only important that we continue to be who we truly are. Somehow, we all must gain back our fearlessness. Being fearless is moving with a heightened, raw awareness, and willingness to embrace any emotion we intuitively feel may be the result.

For so long my approach had been to sniff out the weakness and work to make them better, and thinking that it would lead me to being more ‘well-rounded,” and able to control outcomes better. It never felt right no matter the weakness I followed. This only ever resulted in heavy fatigue and accumulated stress. You see, all along I had been neglecting my strengths, the core of me, in an attempt to become what I thought I had to be. We lose vision in this position and then everything around us we see becomes blurry.

It’s a powerful trap, but one that is not true. This makes it possible to escape from. When I choose to build and search only from my strengths I find unique values. And not just values in myself, but in others as well. This helps me to appreciate not just myself, but also the simplicity and beauty of another living being.

What is your strength? Is it something that you are unsure of? This is a good thing if so! Trust the feeling of it rather than the ways you may think of it. Build on what makes you feel strong and concern less over the apparent weakness. When this happens you will see that weakness only ever allows you to see everything as the same, and strength will give you connection to a more powerful YOU and shows our connection with others.

By Trey Tompkins

Contributing Columnist

Trey Tompkins is a local citizen who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.

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