What’s happening at Court and Main?


As many of you know, your City Council has recently created a NEW committee that focuses on the economic growth and development of our city; which is vital in maintaining a “Strong Pulse” for Washington Court House.

One of our goals is to hire an Economic Director that would solely focus on developing, seeking, maintaining and placing existing and NEW businesses within our community. This individual would work in conjunction with the County and City services to place and or relocate companies in the BEST ECONOMIC situation that suits THEIR needs.

With a dedicated Director, Washington Court House’s attributes become our spotlight: Location, agricultural spirit and a true hometown feel. Centrally located between the tri-City markets, we become a “bedroom community” for those that may prefer a small town feel for residency, but commute to a larger city for employment.

As a result, our citizens are hungry for New and Niche businesses to complete our business portfolio. Our agricultural “richness” becomes an ideal draw for that segment of business activity. Why travel outside the community, if the community can capture these needs and moreover, attract patronage outside of our town with our business vision for the future? We are hoping that these unique characteristics create a draw for businesses both large and small to Washington Court House

Your City Council is working diligently towards improving YOUR town, one step at a time. We do believe that this appointment will push Washington Court House into the economic future. Dedication and drive of a focused Economic director will be what our city’s PULSE needs.

As always, please feel free to contact any of your council members with questions regarding this issue and or any other topics that you would like to discuss. Our doors are always open!

Leah Foster is the chairperson of the Economic Strategies and Cooperation Committee in Washington C.H.


By Leah Foster

WCH City Council Vice Chair

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