Fayette County Museum set to open on May 7


All the current renovations are completed. It seems a long time, when in reality it has only been four months. As of this writing, all the windows in the Fayette County Museum have been renovated, inside and out, painted inside and out, and, all are awaiting the opportunity to be opened to allow air to flow into the house.

The doors are next on the renovation list, but let us enjoy what has already occurred before we start on that next phase of the overall building renovation.

The volunteer Board of Trustees, who are responsible for the day to day activities of the Museum, are excited to announce that the opening date for the 2016 season will be Saturday, May 7, from 1-4 p.m.

Upon entering the Museum, the first change you will notice is that the Visitors Center has been moved to the new Research Library room. The congestion in the hallway with people signing in, other groups going upstairs, other groups leaving was just, well, congestive.

The research library has a nice, very old, library table that now holds the sign-in book, has room for brochures and the old donation wheel. There is also room for showing the old photos that are now on disk. Every day the Museum is open, the photos will be available for viewing.

Great care is being taken to de-clutter the rooms making tours more enjoyable. The bones of the Museum, those items that tell the stories of the brave pioneers who came to Fayette County to build a life and a community, still remain on display. There are also new “old” items to view. The Museum is the recipient of a Sagar Dairy milk bottle that commemorates Pearl Harbor, and, a vintage glass Dr. Pepper bottle with lettering denoting bottling took place in Washington Court House.

The in-house Speaker’s Bureau is providing several topics for this season. Two are scheduled for August. Robert Russell will be offering a special, updated presentation regarding the Court House Riot, and, Donald Moore will be presenting an encompassing over-view on Those Who Have Lived In The Sharp House. There are several other presentations being finalized. The public will be notified of all the Museum’s Speaker’s Bureau presentations in the Record-Herald and on WCHO Radio.

Also in May, the Museum will host the second-annual Sonny Deweese Pinewood Derby Race. More information on this event will appear in this paper soon.

Take a few minutes out of your busy 21st century life to visit your local historic Museum to glimpse what life was like 150 years ago. You might be glad to go back home and mow the grass!

The Fayette County Museum is set to reopen on Saturday, May 7.
http://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2016/04/web1_museum.jpgThe Fayette County Museum is set to reopen on Saturday, May 7.

By Bev Mullen

For the Record-Herald

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