FCMH Auxiliary honors hard-working volunteers


Brenda Hughes welcomed 33 volunteers with an appropriate poem about volunteers to the FCMH Auxiliary’s Pinning Ceremony and Appreciation Luncheon in the MAB 2 Conference Room on April 4.

President Pat Gall followed with her welcome and offered a blessing for the meal about to be enjoyed. Chef Jim Vassar and his staff provided a delicious meal.

Brenda introduced Mike Senter to speak in Tammy Wilson’s absence. He discussed the growth going on at FCMH and how happy everyone is with it. There is growth in the physicians’ practices as well as the orthopedic and therapy units. Also Same Day Surgery is moving to the former O.B. hallway. A new emergency staff will begin in May. He thanked the volunteers for all they do for the hospital, serving and donating. Jane Bissell made a few comments.

The pinning ceremony began with President Pat Gall and Brenda Hughes, Medical Staff Development and Volunteer Liaison, honoring those volunteers who had reached another hour target.

Reaching 500 hours: Mila Schlichter; 1,000 hours: Roberta Bowers, Ruth Curry; 1,500 hours: Kathy Goldsberry, Roxy Holbrook, Patsy Stevens; 2,000 hours: Carol Stratton, Barbara Vance; 3,000 hours: Karma Breedlove, Betty Davis, Jean Ann Davis; 3,500 hours: Jim Hamilton; 4,500 hours: Sonja Seiler; 5,000 hours: Joyce Jinks and 6,500 hours: Harold Merritt.

Pam Melvin and Doug Boedeker presented a demonstration on the AED, automated electrical device, which is used to provide a shock in an attempt to restart the heart. They are located near the elevators located in both medical buildings. New handbooks were dispersed during the meeting.

Chelsie Hornsby added a few words of appreciation concerning the auxiliary. Thirty-nine thousand hours were being honored, which didn’t include all of the volunteer hours that were not being honored at this time.

Cheryl Royster informed the group on the upcoming Health Fair. All vascular testing will be done in the hospital for this and volunteers are needed to greet and accept payment for the service. The dates are April 26 and 27 as well as May 3 through 5.

Reports were given by Sherry Ferguson and Jean Ann Davis. Ruth Curry reported that the nominating committee had filled the 2018 board member slate. Susan Mitchell took responsibility of ordering the stuffed animals for the ER children. They have jackets resembling the ones the volunteers wear. Barbara Vance reported that 20 scholarship applications are in. The committee will choose two. Volunteers will be active during the summer only.

Volunteer month is April so there will be a picture display of the volunteers of FCMH in one of the halls. The next meeting is June 13, 2016.

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