Washington Garden Club holds March meeting


The Washington Garden Club held its March meeting in the Fayette County Airport’s conference room amidst quite a display of garden tools essential to “putting in” and maintaining a garden.

Later it became apparent the array of tools were part of Tom’s program, “Gardening for Seniors.” The afternoon of fellowship began with Winnie offering grace and all the members sitting down and enjoying another fine luncheon consisting of, among other entrees, pork and kraut, chicken and noodles, and apple cake.

President Jo Ann Brady called the meeting to order and roll call was taken consisting of members naming a personal major challenge in their efforts to garden. After the secretary’s and treasurer’s reports, we heard from several of the committee chairmen. Members were reminded to continue to bring “personal care” items to the meetings until which time the club would donate to a distribution agency in need.

Plans were put in motion to spruce up the club’s garden spot at the airport, once the weather cooperates, by cleaning off the area, amending the soil, and selecting the plants we want to place in the garden spot. Ruth Eakins was deemed “member of the month” and thus told us all a bit about herself. Ruth comes with a long agricultural history, having farmed with her late husband a farm that has been in the family several generations. Today, Ruth enjoys crocheting, spending time on her “tablet” and visiting with friends.

Tom and Nancy Jo Esper, in addition to serving as hosts for the March meeting, also presented the day’s programs as well. Nancy Jo, having provided every member with the needed materials, conducted a brief crafting demonstration, showing all how to make a snowman figure from three canning lids, some markers, glue and a ribbon.

Mrs. Esper also gave the horticultural talk, consisting of explaining how empty egg shell halves could be filled with potting soil, seeded, and stored in the top or bottom of the original egg carton, kept in a warm sunny environment, allowed to sprout and grow, then transplanted (shell included) to the plant’s garden destination. Tom Esper was able to demonstrate many of the tools he brought along for his program “Gardening for Seniors.” Tools discussed included anvil vs. bypass shears, smaller headed rakes and shovels, hand cultivators vs. traditional hoes, garden mattock, edging shovel, and everybody’s favorite: ratcheting loppers.

The use of soil amendments (peat moss and vermiculite) were also mentioned as a way to keep soil “workable” from year to year. Those members present for the food, fun and instruction included: Linda Morgan, David Persinger, Tom and Nancy Jo Esper, Jo Ann Brady, Helga Kent, Winnie Gregory, and Ruth Elkins.

Anyone interested in joining our club may contact any member and make arrangements to come to a meeting or two and see for yourself if you enjoy the meetings and what we do.

Washington Garden Club member Tom Esper demonstrating garden tools.
http://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2016/04/web1_IMG_0323-001.jpgWashington Garden Club member Tom Esper demonstrating garden tools.

By David Persinger

Washington Garden Club

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