In appreciation of the people of Fayette County


Dear Friends of Angels,

There has been some speculation as to why our group would establish a home in Clinton County instead of Fayette County. I want to address this issue so everyone will know.

The late Dr. Frank X Klamet, Marma Harper and I shared this dream, and truly wanted our first maternity home to be in Fayette County. We all lived here, and it would have been beneficial to us to be in our own county. We had every intention of starting a home here, however, a home was needed because there were none in southern Ohio to fill the need of homeless, single, pregnant women.

We looked for over two years at property in Fayette County and could not find any property suitable for our needs, or that was zoned correctly. Since were going to service all of southern Ohio and have said this from the get go, we went looking outside in other counties. We found a property in Clinton County that fit our needs, has a hospital that delivers babies, doctors that are close by, and our residents will not have to travel but a couple of blocks to deliver.

Yes, Fayette County has been good to us and supported us from day one, and we are very appreciative of the wonderful people in this county. We will gladly support you by taking residents from Fayette County (provided they meet our criteria), as well as any of the other counties in southern Ohio.

We really wish we could have had our home in Fayette County but it didn’t happen and the need is great for our services (we get calls frequently), and we felt that we could not wait any longer to find a property and open. We hope that the good people of Fayette County will continue to support us as we will not forget them, and hope to work with the agencies here to offer our services as they are needed. Maybe, someday, a home can be located here.

Again, thank you, and please continue to support us in our fund-raisers and any way you can.


Joann Leach, President of Angels Awaiting Maternity Home

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